We cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. We used the bacon fat to grease the pan for the eggs in honor of our grandmothers. I also had a bowl of granola (after I picked out the raisins). Spent several hours at Market Days. Funnel cakes on today’s agenda along with buying me a new mattress. Judy Tenuta wasn’t very funny but I’m not an aficianado of ‘the louder I scream the funnier I am’ type of comedy – plus all of her jokes were at least 6 months old. She was still talking about Martha Stewart. Reminders to talk about: hot old guys, internment camps and bathhouses.

Jagged Little Pill as breakfast music. More later.

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  1. “It’s meeting the man of my dreams
    And then meeting his beautiful husband

    “Isn’t it ironic?”

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