4 replies on “Still Life

  1. Great photos. Adorable cat. When I was browsing the web today I ran across some pet statistics. After giving a little thought to the dog-cat controversy and juxtaposing (or confusing) it with the current presidential race, I came to some conclusions that might interest you. I posted them at RiverTyde.com.

  2. Awww, Andy, he’s so cu-u-u-ute!!! I believe in cats. Cats make men cooler and women happy. A cat is guaranteed to up your emotional intelligence quotient by several points. And what a darling Astroboy is. Give him an ear scruggle for me. 😉

  3. Ok, seriously, that is one of the cutest cats I think i have ever seen — especially the top pic. My cat is cute and adorable, etc — but she throws up too much and it’s getting on my nerves now. But she’s still cute, despite the puke.

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