Had the beginnings of a sore throat around Saturday afternoon. By last night I felt full-on ill. So far it’s just fatigue, headache and sore throat. Spent most of today in bed – liberally applying a purring kitten to my throat as needed.

My sister and brother-in-law had a great time here in Chicago – we ate like true foodies. Actually, I don’t think we really qualify as foodies because we don’t discriminate between fine Italian dining (yum yum at Italian Village) and diner-esque (turkey burger + onion rings at Melrose). Ron was able to hang out with us too.

I had a dream that I was in a classroom of adults and it was like a kindergarten classroom because we all sat on the floor and laid all of our coats and bags on the floor. We were to take turns explaining different positions on different topics – mine was to be group identity so I was going to start with a riff on American ethnic groupings that ended in a diatribe on queer identity as a consumer behavior. Yeah, that’s the kind of crap I dream about.

As promised, no political blogging this week.

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