My cat superimposed into Star Trek's sickbay.

I tell ya, I am getting the full-on kitty treatment! The antibiotics I have to administer with an dropper are pretty traumatic. So far I think I’ve succeeded in aiming them at his lungs and not his throat because he sneezes so much afterwards.

He is getting better though. I think he’ll be fine by Friday. He’s nested in my down comforter and sleeping to beat the band. He’s started purring again which means he’s done being pissed at me. I have to administer the antibiotics twice a day.

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4 replies on “Sickbay

  1. Woah! Your vet is high-tech! Out in Oregon we don’t have such extreme equipment. 🙂

    Glad to hear Kitty is improving.

    (He looks like a Sully or a Miles to me).

  2. You know, I had the same problem with my cat when she was sick. She had to take pills and not a liquid. She hated taking the pills so, I got a can of moist cat food and then smashed the pill into dust and mixed it into the food. She ate it because 1-she liked the food so much and 2- she could no longer taste the Rx in the food. I might work with liquid antibiotic as well.

    Your little cat rocks!

  3. Welcome to the wounderful world of caregiving.Cats also takecare of any loose money you may have laying around.How do cats survie in the wild…Good luck……..

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