Shark Vacuum Cleaner

It is Tuesday morning. Kitty is lapping up a bowl of water. He’ll go the whole day without hydrating and then suddenly park himself in front of the water dish and have at it. He’s now enjoying a post-meal stretch on the floor.

I got a vacuum on Sunday. I had one already but the suction was shot so I trotted down to Bed, Bath and Beeyotches and plunked down for a Shark Vacuum cleaner. Something about that store always makes me a bit panicky. I think it is the enclosed space/underground thing. I’m like that with DSW.

So I got a dark red metallic Shark vacuum and it is awesome!

I filled up the little cuppy thingy in just the first five minutes – that’s how much my old vacuum stunk. It looked like I’d sucked up a Brillo pad of cat hair. The Ikea rug I’d given up on ever having looking clean (after the cat immediately applied fur to every inch) was suddenly crisp blue again.

I vacuumed the bedroom yesterday and the same thing – a whole wad of dust, dirt and cat hair.

Cancel the iron lung and go get a Shark vacuum cleaner!

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