Saturday Check in

TOday is Saturday. I still don’t have the required Mead notebooks for me to continue my handwritten journaling so I am typing for now.

I have one of those candle/oil things in the bathroom going so the green tea oil is wafting its way into the bedroom, sucked along by 2 big box fans in the window that have been on for probably the past month straight. I find I have to have constantly moving air. Each room in this place has a ceiling fan that is never off. I’ve had friends that have that ‘stale room’ smell and it just sort of icks me out. The air feels musty. I think this might also be a habit from my parents, they always had windows open and fans going and my mom would open our bedroom doors, throw open the windows and announce ‘It smells like kids in here!’

Ron and I had a suburbanite adventure on Wednesday. He signed up for Zipcar so we went across the street where the parking lot has four Zipcars and he walks up to the Honda Civic he’d reserved for four hours, slaps his card on the windshield and the doors unlock. Pretty darn cool. The car comes with a credit card to buy gas. We went out to CostCo where I bought a membership.

There’s nothing more American than buying in bulk. If I need a casket and a set of tires and 8 backs of Cheez Its, this is the place to be. I always think of that scene from Heaven and Earth where the Vietnamese war bride has come to the States and goes to the supermarket for the first time and is stunned by the stacks and shelves and piles of food.

We got bottled water, granola, Kashi cereal, coffee, a big box of Claritin, 8 frozen tilapia, a huge wheel of brie, and grapes the size of small rodents.

On to Target. Our local Target is accessible by bus but that puts the kibosh on getting anything large. As we strolled through the vast racks and shelves and quadruple-wide aisles we mused that this was just like being back in Indiana (or Wisconsin). We didn’t buy anything at Target.

On the way to Target we noticed a computer store across the street called Micro Center which neither of us had ever been to. We thought about simply walking across the street but realized – Why Walk When You Can Drive!!? Micro Center was the only store I’ve ever seen to have the super sexy Fujitsu Lifebook in stock. The one the size of a large book, 2#, 9 inch screen that flips into tablet position. Totally sexy.

And then we made our way back to Lakeview. Ron dropped me off, I dragged the stuff upstairs while he went to return the car back to its properly parking space.

The evening was watching the finale of last year’s Project Runway while eating grapes, brie, tilapia, crescent rolls and salad. And then we watched the Idol results show where America proved once again it has no taste by voting Melinda off. She’s going to have a massive career. I just think Jordin will be a powerhouse in about 5 years and Blake is a one-trick pony – until he can return to his electronica, hip-hop and alt-rock roots.

Waiting for decongestants and antihistamines to kick in.

Lots of irons in the fire as always. I’m going to be talking to John Assaraf’s folks on Tuesday about blogging so I’m prepping some stuff for them as well as I got a call from one of the nation’s largest adult learning centers about presenting at a seminar. I have to get my ducks in a row for the Future of Online Advertising Conference I’m attending in a few weeks. Plus, I have to prep my entry in Brian’s landing page competition – which I am VERY excited about.

I finished reading THe 4-Hour Workweek and need to blog a review. Also finished most of Simpleology. Read most of What Everyone Needs to Know About War as well which is essentially a long FAQ about war and its effects on soldiers, civilians and citizens. Started reading Punk Marketing as well as Sorrows of Empire (which I’d lost a long time ago – don’t know where that book went). I swear these New Yorkers are like mushrooms, they seem to sprout up in piles faster than I can read them.

I’m letting the subscription to Men’s Fitness lag. The magazine was really gone downhill over the last several years. The photography is for shit. The cover models are always celebrities that really aren’t that fit (I think the last one I thought had a great physique was LL Cool J over a year ago). The magazine has really come off the rails. And evidently their recent cover of Andy Roddick is so obviously Photoshopped that it shows how sloppy their work has become. I have instead subscribed to Fitness Rx which does a rare mix of in-depth writing on training and fitness science with some fantastic photography. Also looking at Maximum Fitness (formerly AHF) and their sibling publication Reps because again they have clean, consistent design and great photography of inspiring models.

Decongestant are almost at 75%.

I downloaded the Doom 3 Demo on the Mac last night because I had the urge to play a first-person shooter. It creeped me out after about 15 minutes so I un-installed it.

Kitty has finished his morning nap and is now settling into his early afternoon nap.

And oh yeah, I WAS RIGHT. Didn’t I tell you that there was going to be some legislation connecting immigration with military service? I TOLD YA SO.

My sister just called, she was waiting for a possible no-show client. We blabbed. Kitty started to anklebite so I fed him.

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