Sanjaya and Haley

They’ve got to go. Really. They are both totally boring performers and not mature in the technical department. The guys didn’t suck as much as they did last week. Still Melinda, Lakisha and Jordin are where it is at with Melinda being lightyears ahead of them. Still pissed they sent Sabrina home. I think Sundance should have stayed but doesn’t the proficiency of the girls. Chris R is Ron’s favorite – shocker – shaved head pasty white guy.

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One reply on “Sanjaya and Haley

  1. i still can’t decide whether or not this is the worst season of idol yet. blake really murdered it last nite and randy was spot on about fat chris. to be fair, i suppose, the diana ross catalog is a tough one. i am with ron on chris r. and what is sanjaya even doing there? how did he slip thru the cracks? i am sick.

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