Ron’s Takedown

As the weather gets warmer, intolerance seems to settle in like a humid mist. Ron and some friends were walking on Briar and someone woman passed them and said

Fucking faggots.

Ron laid in to her and told her that she’s in the wrong neighborhood to be making those kinds of remarks and told her go to hell in so many words. It’s enough to make you want to slash tires.
I think part of it to is as the less continental of the Cubs fans drive through on their way to Wrigleyville they aren’t used to seeing actual men and women holding hands with the same-sex. I’m sure this might accelerate with the parade this weekend and then the Gay Games next month.

Here’s how curmudgeonly I am getting:

FOX local news did a report on The Pleasure Chest, the best sex-toy store in the city moving into a neighborhood on the North Side (they used to be at Broadway and Briar) and they had some uptight yuppie bitch complaining about the right of The Pleasure Chest to exist in her neighoborhood. The report didn’t state that the store will not have any window displays and the fact that the merchants don’t let anybody under 18 in the store. They even blurred out the Pleasure Chest logo which is completely un-necessary. I was pissed. The Pleasure Chest is an example of a classy store that serves the entire neighborhood with sex-positive and safe-sex attitudes. They interviewed the owner of the store who said that in all other neighborhoods (like in their LA and NYC locations) that the price of real estate has actually gone up. The blatant What about the children!? shock value pissed me off so I actually looked up Fox’s phone number and called them and tol them they completely misrepresented the store.

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  1. What would have happen if Ron had turned and said”Yes,and how else can I help you ?”.Anger is the bear that sleeps in all of us and when it comes out the ground shakes.We share anger with everyone ,but humor is reserved for just special people.Breath and let love simmer up in stead of anger………..Peace and love to all-

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