Reading List 4-20-06

Exception to the Rulers CD set
Crashing the Gate
Amercan Theocracy (just finished!)
I Will Beat Witness
Friendly Fascism
No Place to Hide
How I Made 100 Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime
Failed States
Exception to the Rulers book
Hegemony or Survival
The Attractor Factor
Feet to the Fire
The Masks of King Lear
Multiple Streams of Coaching Income
Book Yourself Solid (advanced copy)
The Portable Coach
The Artist’s Way
High Intensity Training

My current reading list! Let’s see: left-wing politics mixed with militarist-imperial history mixed with small business mixed with self-help and personal coach mixed with weight-training and muscle gain.

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Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny published author in San Francisco.

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