A surgical oncologist considers the case: 'Jobs was an acid-tripping hippie back in the day- and a conventional medicine skeptic now. His reaction to the disease gave the disease time to spread… It's always an ethical puzzle if a patient choses alternative treatment that we know from fact will not work.' http://www.quora.com/Steve-Jobs/Why-did-Steve-Jobs-choose-not-to-effectively-treat-his-cancer/answer/Ramzi-Amri

Ramzi Amri's answer to Steve Jobs: Why did Steve Jobs choose not to effectively treat his cancer?

Answer: I hesitated a long time before addressing this topic- but now that someone asked me to- I'll just do it. To avoid any risks of bias- let me start by stating that all the details on Jobs specific case are based on secondary sources- albeit from reliable sources in the media. I write this on a…

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