2 12 year-old twins, white power folk singers.

‘Prussian blue’ is slang for the residue left by Zyklon-B in the Nazi concentration camp gas chambers. Prussian Blue is 2 twelve-year-old twins combining Catholic schoolgirl outfits, a beer commercial twins theme, sexualized girls and extreme genocidal hatred:

We think that they should work to look as good as possible by working out and dressing nice to show that people who are White Nationalists are not scary, but good people.

There new album, Folk the System is out now.

I was going to make some sort of fembot Ann Coulter mention but I’ll let Palochi have the honors.

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  1. If you try to look past my unique “Gollum” looks, I’m sure you will appreciate my fine lyrical genius and passable guitar playing.


    Granted I’m no Jimi Hendrix (in fact I’m probably worse at playing than these 2 little nazis) but at the end of the day its about feeling the music, not necessarily playing it very well.

    Anyway, as I say, I recommend a listen: http://www.isound.com/biography/david_bonner.

    P.S. Can Officer Brie of the Wank Police stop emailing me. I’m sick of him telling me not to wank. I just wish he’d fuck off.

  2. Yeah,I;m getting sick of him,and I don’t even know what wanking is.I’m so confused…&gt;_

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    a cock

  4. If thta’s an accurate representation of your penis, then i feel very sorry for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

    I had a listen to your music as well Mr Bonner and was seriously considering suicide for the 5 (or was it 20) minute duration of one of your songs.

    In summary:


  5. Suck me off you fucking bellend!

    that’s right bellend!!


  6. Who is this Bonner cretin? I’m here writing my latest novel (an Angela Lansbury inspired story called ‘A Murderer she Groped’) when i stumbled across this site and was intrigued by what i read. I found many of the posts to be well worded and in the main, well constructed. I read till the end and to my shear horror, viewed the comments from Mr Bonner. He sounds like a real twat, to the point that his music makes me feel like drinking my own sperm, to take away the horrid taste that his musical words have left in my mouth.

    Now, I’m all for free expression, my 2 best sellers have been titled ‘Gangata Trippin and Me : The Lionel Blair Story’ and ‘Mucky Fingers and Ginger Mingers’ which both sold hundreds of copies to critical acclaim, but I don’t come on message boards and try to ‘sell’ myself do I, I can do this on Clapham Common (a joke for homosexuals in London).

    I do wish Mr Bonner all the look in the world as his modeling days are certainly behind him and God loves a tryer.

    Does anyone know of any UK rappers out there who can claim to be as good as Eminem as I’m interested in writing a short piece on this?

  7. As a part time daughter and mother i know just where these girls are coming from.

    My neighbourhood used to be a great place to live, but it’s rapidly gone to the dogs. Now i’m not saying that it’s totally the fault of the black community, but i’ve heard lot’s of unsubstantiated rumours and innuendo that 70% of the crime in the area was caused by one elderly black gentleman lawyer and his wife.

    Now it’s not my place to say whether there’s any truth in these rumours or not. My job is to pass them on to my friends and neighbours and let them make up their own minds. I did feel a little guilty when his house was set on fire however…..i remember thinking “I wouldn’t be laughing so hard if it was me in there”, but what can you do? The street had decided to take matters into there own hands and that was the end of it.

    He certainly won’t be purse snatching and teabagging anyone from inside that iron lung i can tell you, and so i think we can be proud that we went that bit extra to make our neighbourhood has become that little bit safer.

  8. Word up babygurl, you say dat choo is a part time daughter and muvva, well what is you the rest of the time? I bet choo be bangin dicks for fun huh? Ha ha ha ha babygurl, Black Power knowz where its at man, and is totally down wid dat shit bitch. In fact, I got a couple of ho’s dat me and sum homeys bang when we be wantin to empty our balls into some warm pussy, and I bet choo is just the same as them woman – all nice and respectable usually, but when the doors is closed, and them pantyhose come off you be banging any mutherfucker who can fit in yo pussy, screamin “FUCK ME NIGGER, FUCK MY ASS!!!!” Ha ha ha woman, I know whut you bitches is like! Blackpower has fucked millions of them bitches, you is probably one!!!!

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    Whoa man, dat shit is makin me HOT!! Blackpower dont jerk off tho, he got bitches to do that shit for him. I think i’m gonna go find some bitches to go bump and grind wit.

    Erm, rascism is bad and shit man. And that hitler motherfucker, well he wuz one crazy ass nigger motherfucker.

    Peace and love.

  9. Sorry y’all, some crazy ass mutherfucker christened my ass “Richard” when Blackpower wuz young. I’ve always told momma dat I hate that name – stupid bitch.

    Anywayz, y’all kno dat I is called Rich now but nobody ever calls me it – especially bitches, they be to busy screamin and hollerin “fuck me boi, fuck my ass!!!”. ha ha ha, i love to fuck bitches.

    anyway, back to fuckin my bitches.

  10. Oh no…don’t give me this no comment crap where I’m the only one to comment in a long time! Please,no…(T_T).

  11. Sorry, I think everyone is a bit scared since that little bitch started complaining about using our right to free speech. I mean, whats the big fucking deal bitch? Had I known that this blog was managed by Stalin himself, others and myself may have neglected to post here in the first place.

    What a bellend!

  12. I apologise to all that regularly visit this blog.

    I have let down my wife, my children, and most of all myself.

  13. What’s going on? Have I done something wrong to make you not comment? Plz Tell Me!! VI miss you guys! Really! T_T

  14. Like what? The fact that Left Eye was an idiot Driver? PETA is just a bunch of liars who have nothing better to do? Brandy is a vegan? Someone told her that they put drugs in meat! She’s that gullible? She actually believes that bupkis? They’re called preservatives! They don’t count as drugs!

  15. Yes, well thats a matter of opinion yes? and in this instance your opinion happens to be wrong.

    I am a serious artiste and do not appreciate unfounded slander. I spent 5 weeks writing that song (WITHOUT ANY GODDAM SLEEP I MIGHT ADD!).

    So for you to come swanning along and criticising my music is quite simply absurd and out of line. Hows about I come along and criticise the way you tie your hair, or the way your father smokes his pipe?

    Yeah, thats right – STAND DOWN!

  16. Hello one and all. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that all of your dreams came true.

    Personally i was busy working on the channel 5 adaptation of Scrooge. I was cast as Tiny Tims pimp (it was an updated version) and let me tell you, blacking up 5 times a day certainly gives you an insight into how our darker cousins live. I’m not sure the white lips and eyes were neccersary, but hey, that’s channel 5 for you.

    Anyway, i thought i brought a much needed tenderness and kindness of spirit to Mr Pipes (the pimp), especially during the pistol whipping scene.
    He was a complicated character, and perhaps not an ideal employer, but without him Tiny Tim would have had to gone back to making scat films and making anal beads for Mr Scrooge so perhaps he shouldn’t be judged too harshly.

    The funny thing is that one night i forgot to de-black (as we say in the industry) and ended up making love to that sly bitch Moira Stewart.

  17. Is that the real T Dalton, Timothy?

    I only ask as I hope it is you and that you remember me. This is Jim Chi-Wong, I was an extra on the smash hit Living Daylights, you used to call me ‘Wongy’ and ‘Hupperdink’. My God they were great days. I look back on them now with glee and at my Xmass get-to-gethers I tell great tales of our adventures, do you remember thos thai prostitutes and the meat clever???? Great days man, great days.

    Not long after Daylights ‘wrapped up’, the work began to dry up. I was a little typecast as a Chinese/British arms dealer which meant not many parts were available. I moved back home to Washington (UK) and set up my own takeaway. Because of our great times together the menu number ‘007’ is not Chicken Chop Suey but Chicken T Dalton in a Sweet and Sour sauce, a very popular choice may I add.

    Keep well old friend.


  18. Jim? Is that really you? it better be, because Timothy Dalton already caught me out by posing as you on FriendsReunited.com. That smarmy sod already tricked me once by arranging a rendez vous with ‘you’ in a small off-licence on Bridge Street in Bolton.

    It turns out that the small ‘off license’ was actually a motor car, that been cleverly disguised as an alcoholic beverage outlet, and as I entered the ‘shop’ I was bummed within an inch of my life by some famous actor from the early eighties.

    Anyway how are you Jim? You still keep in touch with Coolie Chong, and Cho Li? I havent seen either of them since I took advantage of Cho on her 16th birthday. Man, she was wild.

    Anyway, write back.

    Big Love, Craig.

  19. Craig

    You crafty butcher, how are you man??!! Of all the websites, my God, I can’t believe it. It doesn’t surprise me that you fell for the old ‘alcoholic beverage outlet’ again, I remember in ’88 when it happened the first time, four days later you woke up with a kidney missing, that damn organ black market. You’ll never learn, anything for a taste of the good stuff, alcohol I mean, not spunk.

    Coolie and Cho got married late in ’96 and now run an Indian restaurant in Hyde, Manchester (UK). It’s called the ‘Kwok Man Bengally’ and is one of the most popular places in Manchester. Apparently their chicken tikka chop suey is to die for, and 3 people have died so far so it must be good.

    Keep tagging the line man.


  20. OMG!

    I heard about these two on ABC a couple days ago.

    This is awful! I cant believe this type of thing goes on. Surely their parents are liable to be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred or something? This is horrifying.

    P.S. Theres always a some asshole(s) that has to ruin a serious blog (see above comments).

  21. I don’t sweat my balls off working 24 hrs a day, shoveling crap and taking abuse off young women and streetwalkers alike so that these two can swan about plucking their guitars (and our hearts) and then sit back and watch the royalties flow in.

    If anyone is considering shooting them both dead in the street, then i say all power to them.

  22. Yeah, my grandma taped it for me a few months ago and actually only their mom is responsible, not their dad. He said he was disappointed.

  23. One question re: 7/13/2005 Terry Fierstein’s entry. Did he type his comment with lines thru it or was his comment crossed out? He gave you the accurate facts about zyklon b.

    It is possible to question the accuracy of the holocost legend without denying that it ever happened.

  24. Rick,

    After knowing you for many years, and sharing many family holidays with you at your login cabin in Lake Michigan, I was somewhat suprised at what you wrote in your column in “Anglers Monthly”.

    Whilst you may think that I am a “closet homosexual”, and that my wife gives “the best blowjob this side of New Jersey” I would appreciate it if you kept these thoughts to yourself.

    It seems the social taboos that you were intent on exploring during our last visit have left a lasting impression on you. At the time I was not keen on “a swap” not because I am repressed, but because you’re wife looks like a fucking hippo and as such, it wasnt a fair swap. Whilst you no doubt had a good time boning my wife, I spent my time cleaning the George Foreman grill instead of accepting your good lady’s offer to give her a “donkey punch”.

    Now I think if anyone’s got to feel short-changed with the outcome of that night it has to be me. Cleaning the grill as my wife gets nailed – I didnt even use the grill!! I dare say, I did have the chance to some action and suppose it is only my own fault that I couldnt bring myself to have sex with a giant pig.

    Your old friend,


  25. Bloody hell, is Oscar Yaeger here too? This subhuman neo-nazi untermensch maggot was spewing his fascistic bile on another blog somewhere earlier….what a waste of flesh, I agree with whoever made the abortion comment (even if it was applying to those nazi Olsen clones).

    I’ve just had a thought–why don’t we fight the degenerate racist parasites with their own methods? Like you could go around wearing jackboots and using them to viciously cave in the heads of anyone wearing a swastika armband, or use language like “inferior” to describe them. I sometimes hear the term “disgrace to the race” used by supremacists (of any colour) to insult people of their skin colour who have mixed race kids, gay partners or whatever else the hatemongers are fashionably against these days; i think it’s time to use “disgrace to our race” to describe the racists themselves, who are ruining it for the rest of us…..if you see what I mean. I hope i made all this clear, I’m a little tired at the mo’ but the basic gist of it is: racists are cunts.

  26. oh and chinese tim–i can confirm that timothy dalton (the 4th james bond) did indeed appear in a channel 5 xmas special, it was pure torture i tell ya!

  27. Hi guys,

    I got these 2 emails saying that there were 2 replies to my comment. After reading the 2 comments after mine, I see they are not related to my comment. I read upwards thru the previous posts to find a relevant comment, without success.

    Ten years ago when I was new to the web, I joined a few newsgroups to learn and share about things I was interested in. No good came of it. Each group had 1 or 2 people who wanted to talk and the rest were just losers who flamed everyone.

    This is a waste of a terrific medium. I will check back in another ten years. Rick

  28. yeah maybe, but come on dude, you must have laughed at it. Especially “the the best blowjob this side of New Jersey” part.

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