Proposed 2007 Budget Increases Defense Spending by 24%

I think it’s great that when I’m too busy to read all my favorite blogs that political rantage practically writes itself:

  • Defense increased by 24%
  • Cuts in education, healthcare, environment
  • $354 billion added to deficit
  • Bush started with surplus and a then 10-year forecast of 5.6 trillion
  • Bush has added 45% to the national debt
  • Deficit spending of all previous presidents together and adjusted for inflation: $5,674,178,209,886.86. Today it iss $8,195,544,127,376.07

Homeland security evidently doesn’t include food, clothing, clean water, shelter, education or healthcare.

Bush is not a tax and spend Democrats. He’s a spend and spend Republican. At least the democrats have the since to raise the goddamn taxes.

Oh Andy this is so negative – I just can’t read this kind of stuff…

  • Are you living in the US?
  • Do you pay taxes?
  • Do you run a business?

You better pay attention. That diesel engine you here is the trucks being backed up.

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4 replies on “Proposed 2007 Budget Increases Defense Spending by 24%

  1. I can hear the black helicopters flying in to monitor you right now andy. I hate bush I hate bush!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like a damn gay pride march. Give up the we lost two elections and get some ideas flowing guys… I was a democrate until Freakin Clinton pointed his finger at me…Never really liked the guy, nice but kinda shady….

    Then came that populist ass from vermont…John kerry playing the poor normal billioniar…and teddy kennedy trying to act as one of us.

    How about a Democtratic contract with America not just this ranting shit about how awful bush and his cronies are.. I am with James Carvil on this one. We can’t just be for abortion, no military, gay marriage, high taxes, fuck corprations, kill republicans blah blah blah.

    Sounds kinda like the ugly brother pissed at his older brother for being popular all the time. Unless the whole thing comes down like a house of cards and we all loose lets get in the game and try to win a couple.

  2. Comeon PEOPLE…we didn’t lose any elections — where the hell were you people??? THEY WERE STOLEN. Why are the Democrats portrayed as ‘pussies’…cause the current administration is using every dirty trick (including tapped phones, emails &#38; etc) newsmedia &#38; anything else to push Democrats as the party of the weak. They may be pussies, they may be weak BUT THEY ARE NOT REPUBLICANS. You DO remember better times, prosperity, lower oil &#38; gas prices, concern about the environment &#38; no constant terror threats, don’t you??? THAT WAS A DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION. Remember trying to throw Pres Clinton out of the White House for a BJ??? Remember all of the freaking??? That was Republicals getting all moral. WHERE THE HELL IS ALL OF THAT MORALITY NOW??? No matter what you say or how you say it remember this — DEMOCRATS ARE NOT REPUBLICANS.

  3. Do we really need to spent more money on national defence than every other nation on the Earth combined? Stop interfering in the domestic affairs of foreign nations. Bring the boys home, and not just from Iraq. We have too many soldiers overseas.

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