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And it is Thursday. I presume Ron is working since I haven’t heard from him yet. He is ‘on reserve’ this month which means he only knows when he might work on certain days. Then last night he got ‘converted’ which means he has to be ‘on call’ and they can give him 3 hours notice to get to O’Hare and get to work. The one thing worse than being converted is when he is on standby and he has to actually go out there, all prepared, and not know whether or not he’s going to be sent out.

Ron got a sewing machine this week. I haven’t seen him this obsessed with something in a long time. He’s done a lot of sewing in the past (he made his sister’s wedding dress years ago) and I think it is exactly the kind of tactile, detail-focused activity he needs. We watched TV on Tuesday night and he was totally silent as he used a seam ripper on some of his pants for work. He’s going to to turn them from pleated to flat front. We will probably take apart some of the Armani pima cotton shirts that fit so nice and make patterns of them as well. He’s determined to make the perfect cargo pant. And gym bag. We walked to Hancock Fabrics yesterday which really didn’t have much for us. All the prints are tiny or floral. Most of the fabric was best for ulphostery, costumes or prom dresses. We’ll probably journey to Vogue Fabrics later on which I think is more of a ‘real’ fabric store.

The movie I was in years ago just got picked up for distribution. This was a short film by a director at the Art Institute School. The one where the Mexican father and son and the father walks in on his son having sex with a white guy. This leads to the son coming out to his dad (and both of them grieving the deceased mother). Yeah. I was the white guy. It wasn’t a nude scene film on screen but it was nude on set. It was a very strange experience. The nudity was minor – it was really the claustrophobia of all of those people in a tiny bedroom plus all of the equipment and lights. Plus I was the only one on set that didn’t know Spanish.

The book I wrote a chapter for just came out in the US and the UK. Business: The Ultimate Resource (2nd Edition). 3 books in 2 years. Not bad, eh?

The keywords class started again last night. It is really fun to teach. I think I’ve matured enough to keep my rambunctious spirit but not be obnoxious. I think 6 years ago I would have seemed a bit too ‘in your face.’ I think now I’ve learned to ‘warm it up’ with passion and heart so people can tell when I’m joking or being sarcastic. Example: I would mention that there was no class for next week since "I’m going to be at a conference in Vegas-baby." And I didn’t say it "Vegas! Baby!" but just "Vegas-baby." I hope that makes people smile. I get the same rush from running the teleseminars as I do from performing. I remember in high school I wouldn’t be able to finish dinner because I was excited about play rehearsal. I’d stand in the window waiting to see Jeremy or Julie or someone come pick me up to go to rehearsal.

I saw a guy that looked like Jeremy last week. Had the same face and hair and eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at him. I need to go visit his mom. I haven’t seen his sister around Chicago in a while.

Dad got DSL so he’s living the high life – and already wants something faster. I might ask them if I can come home for a week or so since I could easily work at home with the DSL. I could even bring my wireless router. Not sure if they’d let me bring the cat with me. Might have to keep the kitty up here and have Ron or Brigitte check in on him. I ordered dad a USB headset so we can do voice chat.

Brigitte emailed that Veronica Cartwright and Tippi Hedren are going to be at Caged Dames tonight. That’s almost too much! I have to remember that this is happening or I’ll forget.

Did a really good chest workout yesterday at the gym. Did 4 exercises, 5 sets, 20 reps each. I felt like Chesty Morgan by the time we left. Today is back day.

Got email from Tom Malin, the Dallas politican that caused a ruckus when it was revealed he’d been an escort in a past life. I told him that we should be so lucky to have leadership that is not only passionate about politics but can prove documented past sex appeal.

Mom and dad and Heather (and I think my brother-in-law joined them) are on their way to DC this morning. I’m staying home this time out to "make hay" as I told them. I’ve got a lot of things in the air and stuff flying aroud so I think it is better for me to harvest while I can.

I’ve been streaming music while I sleep again. Drone Zone from I think it gives me weird dreams. Plus I think it makes it hard for me to get going in the morning. Example: It is 11am right now and I haven’t gotten to the gym yet.

Talking with my resume writer tomorrow. Hopefully floating that out into the ether in the next several weeks.

Kitty won’t stop biting the laptop cable. I grab his haunches and he rears back like a scorpion.

I finished the Lakoff book. I think I have to read it again and maybe do a mindmap. It is a really a great book. Very dense. It really blows my mind that fundamentalists think that freedom means freedom for them to prosleytize their religion and force the rest of us to adhere to their moral craziness. The book also examines the roots of populism and how it has been co-opted by the conservative movement. The stuff on economics is also very compelling.

There is much cookin’ on the griddle right now. I need to excavate myself from the bed sheets and get this show on the road.

Oh and I was ultimately disappointed with the final outcome of Project Runway

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  1. Hey A! Would love to see your film – perchance when it hits our art house out here??? [grin] I just rented at the Hollywood-freakin-video (!) “Gay Sex in the 70’s” which you have *got* to see if you haven’t. Lots of archival footage of the N.Y. scene. Cover blurb: “Do you wanna FUNK?” Yeah.

    And personal take as ever, you KICK ASS at teleseminar delivery. You make women and men alike want a piece of you in ‘weird’ ways as well as mundane ones, just by the power of your voice, inflection and the heavily condensed and value-laden content you manage to squeeze into every session. Your voice: cream and heather honey and a dash of spikenard in a sandalwood base, with lashings of whiskey and oakmoss. Take it from an unfrocked perfumer, it’s a *good* thing.

    And OMG, Mr. Kerry only wishes he had your suave delivery! 😉

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