Post-WWII German and Russia: A Comparison

Fantastic comment on Plastic post about Nikita Kruschev’s secret four hour speech:

The reason why the Soviet Union reacted so differently from Germany, is probably that although many of the circumstances in the two countries were alike, many other circumstances differed greatly. For instance:

…3. While Germany had had a comparatively open an well educated society before Hitler came to power, Russian society had never seen such a phase. It went from totalitarian tsarism to totalitarian communism. And while education drastically improved during the communist rule, the party was completely in control of what was taught. Hence, no individual critical thinking. Also, when Stalin died the communist party had already been ruling for about 35 years. Almost three times as long the 12 years Hitler had from ’33 to ’45, so the number of people with a memory of anything prior to the communist party was comparatively far smaller. And life for the average Russian under the Czars wasn’t a picknick either.

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