Post-Christmas Roundup

The New York Times held on to the NSA/wiretap story. Everybody knows that. The best part is they knew all of this before the 2004 election.

Barron’s mentions impeachment. 

Airstrikes in Iraq up 500%.

Matt Lauer licks Ann Coulter like a BBQ rib. "More leaks… about the NSA spying… which has been a huge win in the polls for him." What?! She even defends the Japanese Internment camps and the Sedition Acts.

Media Matters has a list of the most outrageous statements of 2005.

5 stories you didn’t read in the papers this year. 

Video: snippets of The Corporation. Well worth a rental. 

An article about Damali Ayo and her Rent-A-Negro site. 

I did forget to add that the Intelligent Design fundies were smote down by the wrath of logic and science. 

After 9/11, the White House asked for war powers authority inside the United States. Congress told him to screw off. 

For 2006: Enron trial of Kenneth Lay begins in January. Burn witch burn! 

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  1. Matt Lauer licks Ann Coulter like a BBQ rib.

    Ewww. That’s disgusting.

    But thanks for helping me kick off my year-end fast . . .

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