Pharmaceutical Industry Contracts Would Bar Physicians from Criticizing Medications

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if the Minnesota Multi-State Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy bought huge amounts of anti-depressant Cymbalta from the Eli Lily company, they would receive a 5% discount, so long as their physicians agreed not to:

  • point out when doctors were prescribing Cymbalta inappropriately
  • point out that their institution seemed to be overprescribing Cymbalta
  • describe side effects caused by Cymbalta without also mentioning the benefits of Cymbalta
  • point out that other drugs might be cheaper than Cymbalta
  • poke holes in Eli Lily’s claims about Cymbalta

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  1. This makes me feel as sick as I did when the pharmaceutical companies started advertising on tv. You can bet despite my extreme nausea that I did NOT “ask my doctor” for any prescription medications to eliminate my discomfort.

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