Pet Food Recall

Has anybody else noticed that they aren’t saying any brand names with the pet food recall? Is it the food companies sponsor the news or because there are too many brands?

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2 thoughts on “Pet Food Recall

  1. donna

    Probably both. The really scary part of this for me is that the offending ingredient is wheat gluten. If it got in petfood….

    So what can we do? Is it time to have teleseminars with holistic vets to come up with safe alternatives?

  2. moira

    I think it’s time that someone needs to televise the alternatives for the recalled food. There are a lot of alternatives out there than just feeding food that is full of “junk”. A lot of the food that has been recalled is food that is widely marketed, but if someone actually took time to read the ingredients, rather than just trust what they saw on tv, perhaps this wouldn’t be as big of an issue. There is GREAT food out there for our animals. We, as concerned petowners, need to be more aware of what it is that we are feeding our pets!

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