Pelosi Heckled at Ribbon Cutting

Nancy Pelosi was minding her own business ignoring the obvious and attending a ribbon-cutting ceremony:

About a dozen people chanted “Impeach now!” as Pelosi spoke at the dedication of the $144 million, 18-story landmark office complex, which boasts cutting-edge energy efficiency features. As Pelosi and other dignitaries prepared to snip the ceremonial ribbon, a heckler shouted: “How about cutting the funding for war?”

Back on the table, assholes.

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One reply on “Pelosi Heckled at Ribbon Cutting”

  1. Sort of like when she minds her OWN BUSINESS when refusing to listen to her constituents about the war? Pelosi like most politicians is a hack. Just because she is in the middle of a P.R. stunt doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be called on her bullshit.

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