Pat Buchanan on Immigration

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10 replies on “Pat Buchanan on Immigration

  1. I do believe Native Indians and Mexicans were the FIRST to
    assimilate in AmeriKa(Armegeddon) before The so called (Christians?) .? Long before P.B. was ever born.

  2. Even The CHINESE(all 1.3 BILLION of them) assimilated Long before The so called (Christians?) .?

  3. Chief Tomohawk, I don’t think T. McVeigh was a White Power idiot. He was an “anti-goverment as it exists in the US”. He believed the government overstepped its authority when David Koresh and his followers died in Waco.

  4. I’m half Native myself, and I sincerely doubt we’d ever be “favored” for anything by any of the powers that be. Not that I’d want to be “favored” by them anyway…

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