Passport to Fun and Today’s Escapes on Credit Card Bill

Anyone else seeing charges fo TODAY’S ESCAPES and PASSPORT TO FUN on their credit cards? Each charge is for $12.95. I have no idea how these got on the statement. I’m guessing I bought something online and this was some sort of ‘extra’ bonus I may have opted into. Immediately call the nubmers on your statement and cancel. You might have to workaround the phone menu but you’ll be able to cancel by phone. Later: Some sites are saying this might be from aggreeing to some of the helpful offers when ordering thru VistaPrint.

Update 20070424: Due to comment trolls I’ve closed comments on this post.

I am closing comments on this post to save the annoyance of everyone. The relevant information on removing yourself from these services has been posted several times. But remember that when you respond to idiots, it only spurs them on. You don’t have to bite your tongue, just don’t react.

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  1. My daughter’s visa buxx card was charged by passport to fun. I find it interesting though that she was only charged $1 and $1.05 ( I wonder if they knew that she was a teen!) Her card was also charged by cosmetique, savesmart, at home rewards twice each for $1 and $1.05! Hopefully I can get this straightened out or get her a new card!

  2. Cancleing your card will stop the charges, but if you have some pending charges from these people you might still get billed from them. Basically by closing your card you are taking away there aveune in which they are accessing your account. I saw someone signup for I-pay friends (not sure what it is) but after the i-pay charge passport to fun started poping up. I googled it with no luck just be careful disputing charges is like having your teeth pulled, it takes a long time and it hard on the customer 😛

  3. I recently had a 14.95 charged to my credit card on March 19th. It was a passporttofun charged. I had no clue where this unauthorized charge came from. I immediately called my credit card company to dispute the charge.

  4. Those of you who have been tricked into this phoney service – forget trying to talk to anyone using those 800 or 888 numbers. You will get nowhere. Go to the better business bureau in CT and look for Vertrue Incorporated. There you will find everything you need about the company. They seem to operate mosly out of Nebraska. Gary A Johnson is the President (203-674-7008.) Deborah Podrazo is the VP Corporate Services (402) 661-2575. Good luck!!

  5. The charge won’t be on if you have your card number changed. If you just re order a card yes the chrge will continue. You need to cancle the card (the card number must be closed down) and get a new card issued. (whole new card number) If you do that the charges will stop.

  6. I just called my bank today, also to reverse the payments they made for PASSPORT TO FUN & SHOPPING ESSENCE. What a hassle!!!!! I think I got it from vistaprint too. suckers!!!!!

  7. I have been a member of passport to fun and some related programs for over 10 years. The memberships have saved me quite a bit of money opver time. I have allways received my gift cards as ordered and allways been treated with courtesy and respect over then phone. They do a good job of marketing and offering incentives to keep you as a member when you call to cancel but they will cancel and refund the current membership fees if asked.

    If you feel you were scammed then you need to learn to read the conditions before you click yes. You never get something foir nothing, so if you purchase something and click on “Get $20 off your next order” know you must do something for the $20. In this case it is read the conditions and if you dissagree with them, don’t do it.

    I just hope the class action lawsuit is fails. I only found this blog because I was doing a web search to try to find a way to sign up for “Passport to Fun Plus.” This is a new program that has an increased number of gift certificates available.

  8. Only a member of the elite group of these criminals would write such a post…..Iope you burn in Hell
    Take your nazi ass back to the hole it slithered out of.
    And yes we need to make sure the Class Action suit is moving forward and to stop these bastards from stealing anymore of the peoples money through their corrupt ways.

  9. Bob, how would someone ‘know’ they need to ‘do something’ to get that $20 off? I would think it was an appreciation for your order. Many legit companies do that. I won’t be as mean as Steve, but I DON’T believe you. Why is there only a couple of people that like P.T.F; and the rest of us are mounting in size? You must work for them or have stock in their bogus companies. Have you seen the reports and law suits on them? I suppose we are all wrong and these companies keep ripping us off. Why are they okay with refunding our money if they are legit?? You are in a dream world and we are getting the nightmare in the deal!!!

  10. Let’s analyze Bob’s email. He says he’s been a member for 10 years. So how does he supposedly know about their refund policy and how -ahem- willing they are to refund… if asked.
    Now we have to ask if he has read the posts like mine who did not click on anything, nor was I able to read any “conditions” because I did not have the opportunity, ever.
    And last but not least, if he has been a member for 10 years, why, oh why has he been trying to sign up for Passport to Fun Plus? He should have known how, am I right?
    There probably is not a “Bob”. The company most likely assigned someone to write a comment. Unfortunately there was not a lot of thinking going on in their brain about the logic of the comment, and of course the spelling errors show lack of care in the comment.
    Hey, just my comment folks.
    Ed-graduate of “The University Of Hard Knocks”!

  11. ED:: I sooo agree with you! You took the words right out of my mouth!! Bob must be a plant here to make us feel like we are wrong, but we are not dummies, as he assumes. Another guy said he got to this site after being a member for many years, and wanted to join. I commented on him as well. It’s like they have a script to type here. Funny!!

    I just absolutely LOVED your comments. They are so right on the ‘MONEY’, so to speak.

  12. Joe McDonald Here Once Again. I GOT EVERY PENNY THAT THESE CROOKS STOLE FROM ME BACK! In fact, they “Overpaid” my Citi credit Card Company over $120.00, I shook them up so much. So keep at it.
    The Culprits in my case were as follows; VERTRUE, Bargain Network, Bargain Network Inc, Bargain Home W, Bargain Homes, Trial Home BNI (not to be confused with BN, Inc of California), ATHOMEREWARDS, SAVINGSMART, Andymatic, Adaptive Marketing LLC, Member Savings, Member Works, and Member Services. ALL OF THESE are subsidiaries of Vertrue, Inc. or involved otherwise.
    IF you’d been robbed also by any of these named firms don’t waste your time contacting Head Honcho of Vertrue james B. Duffy, rather, insist your Card Company take the lead! Also, advise Equifax, Experian and tRansUnion to put a Fraud alert on your card or cards. Naturally, if you’ve been had close that account and open another with a different card company if yours doesn’t want to help you.
    The Individual’s who were the most help to recover all my monies were, a Mr. Mark Mastman whose email is; a Ms. Kimberly Massey whose email is and a Mary Randels whose email is
    These people, the District Attorney’s and a Law Firm of California, i.e. Girard Gibbs LLC of 601 California St., 14th. floor, San Francisco, CA. 94108 (who is handling a Class Action Suit against most of them) were extremely helpful. Don’t back down. Keep on it! be firm and don’t put up with anyone’s NO.
    PS. I’m joining the Class Action Suit. I already have the paper’s to file…………………………… JOE

  13. My husband Robbie use to work at Member Works. Located on Migill street in downtown Montreal. What they do is send you offers in the mail having you beleive that it is nothing more than junk mail. Most people throw it away, but what people fail to read is the fine print at the very bottem. Which says that unless you call to cancle with in thirty days your credit card will automatically be charged. Member works is also listed on the All I can tell you on my husbands advice is get your money back ASAP. Do a charge back if you have too..

  14. this is a ripoff, they charged me over 100.00 before I noticed it. I got hit by vista print also. I am cancelling my charges with vista print also. I don’t know if you know this but vista print gets a kick back from every charge. Email me at if you are interested in a class action.

  15. I just found out that the credit card company also receives a kick back from these people. They are an affiliate of MBNA bank. The bank actually makes money off of these charges.

  16. I work for a company that sells items through a catalog. Everybody that places an order with us is offered a $25 rebate for trying Passport to Fun PLUS, risk-free for 30 days. We have to be very clear that “if you don’t cancel within the 30 day free trial Passport to Fun PLUS will charge $9.95 a month to the card you used today and then each month thereafter at the THEN CURRENT monthly membership fee…” (It goes up to $12.95 the next month) It seems people agree to it in order to get the $25 rebate and then forget about it.

  17. I too have been scammed. I was illegally charged by Shopping Essential. They gave me my money back. However, they claim that I signed up for their “service” and of course would admit no wrong doing. I most certainly did not sign for their “services. ” I wish we could band together and fight this company. I was reading that Washington Post article and saw that that Venture made 650 million dollars last year. That just angers me so much!! How many people are being ripped off without noticing it? I wish that someone would create a website that would address this and then get the word out to the public. Any ideas??

  18. Hey, ANDYMATIC, can you compile a list of names or initials of everyone on this site who has been ripped off, and ask us to provide info. on our experiences. You have all our addresses. Then we can take action on a united front.

    Is that possible? Alot of us want to do something, but don’t know how to get started.
    Please don’t ask those on hear who think those rip-off companies are great. I’m sure you wouldn’t anyway. Thanks, Linda

  19. Five months ago my husband and I used Travelocity to book a hotel. I had noticed a Passport to Fun charge on my bank account, but my husband and I thought it was our Sea World tickets being automatically drafted. Later on I realized that our Sea World tickets were labeled Anheiser Busch.

    I called Passport to fun and they refunded one month, then I spoke to a manager and she claims that they will refund the rest, since neither my husband nor I signed up for anything. I never recieved anything in the mail for them, or any e-mails from their website either. Just the $14.95 charges.

    We will see if they actually refund anything. I cancelled the supposed membership and they sent a conformation E-mail that had no conformation number. (It said, “here is your conformation number .

  20. I signed up for a company called cost a dollar I was supposed to get listings of car deals in my area All I got was a bunch of auction listings I could find myself.When I saw a new charge 29.99 from this company of 4/5/07 I called and canceled and was given my money back “prorated” Then on 4/9/07 I see on my internet banking I’ve been charged by passport to fun and savings smart for a total of guess what 29.99!!! I never gave them my bank account # guess I’ve had my identity stolen certainly makes me uncomfortable

  21. I just got ripped off, too. I called and they said they will refund the April and Mar. payments they put on my credit card, but won’t refund for Feb. What a load of crap!!

  22. I wanted to complain to the company by email and put a link in to this blog with all of the posts.

    Their email form doesn’t work from the company website, and gave me a message to call the company. I called the company, and the representatives would not give me an email to send a complaint.

    The representative gave me this address to contact the company:

    PO Box 5152 Des Plaines, ILL

  23. Preparing for our taxes we caught that there were debit charges on our bank statements starting in 10/2006 for Passport To Fun for $19.95. Not knowing what this was, we went to our bank Wachovia. Wachovia stopped the charges (they’re not set up as automated charges thru the bank, but typed in debit charges each month by PTF) and have put in an affadavit to get the money back for the previous 2 months. But they also did not know who Passport To Fun was, but they thought it was a scam. They were able to give us a 1-800 number. When I called, I was switched from person to person without any explanation of what this was for other than we were supposed to receive discounts in the mail, which WE NEVER RECEIVED. One person said I could only receive the discounts if I went to their website. Even though I had never used any benefits, had never heard of them, had never given them my debit card number, had never authorized ANYTHING, they don’t want to refund my money back to 10/06. Supposed my husband OK’d this when he ordered TimeLife CD’s on the phone, however he never heard of this at all. Wachovia said that Passport To Fun should provide a voice recording of his approval for the charges. But Passport To Fun won’t do this. WHY?

    What can we do to stop Passport To Fun? I saw in the earlier posts that there was a class action suit. Is this true? If so then I want to participate. If not, how do I start one?

  24. {Call 1-888-840-6303, sound irate (but intelligible), demand your charges reimbursed and your “membership” cancelled. My wife and I have done this twice (mine and hers) in the last couple of weeks. We got a cooperative person who promised to do what we asked. (Except, that is, for my wife’s demand to be reimbursed for mental pain and suffering. That’s okay. She only suffered for less than an hour from the time I found her charges to the end of her call.)

    The real problem, the thing that allows these leeches to operate, is the legitimate companies, like Travelocity, that they pay to allow them to sucker us in by our own greedy hearts. At the end of a legitimate transaction, these bloodsucker offer us $20 off our charges or a $20 check to take a survey. We bite and are so hungry for the $20 that we don’t read the fine print or we take them at their word that we can cancel with no charge within 30 days. Then we forget or lose our notes to ourselves and don’t know where those charges are coming from when we notice them for the first time a year later.

    Of course, my greedy heart will have me sending an email to firesurfer to see if I can get $50 from that class action suit with no involvement on my part. Oh well, you can’t change human nature from looking for something for nothing. I guess it just makes me mad that the “Passport to Fun” folks found it instead of me. }

    That’s perfect, you nailed it. It’s legitmate, but they are counting on you’re greed (free 25$ gift card!) and ignorance (cancel WITHIN 30 days!), and as we can all see it works! Vertrue is a monster company, check it out, a business giant that’s internationally traded. As you’ve stated, you clicked on an offer, you chose, you accepted it all for your gift card or discount or whatever, and forgot to cancel! You can’t take that to court. They’re preying on you’re stupidity. And boy there’s a lot of stupid with credit cards in the US. And the stupid people are trying to change the company, trying to make them change their policies. The company is run by smart people. Smart and greedy people. The stupid and greedy people should change themselves and they’ll put the company out of business. Otherwise, the smart people will just find another way to legitmately slip one by the stupid people.

  25. Hi all!
    Yep they got me for 14.95 too.. i called the number mentioned and talked with a guy.. he said that because i signed up for a 10 dollar rebate that is where i submitted a yes to get charged 14.95 per month after some trial period ended.. i dunnoooo. I asked him fro the owners name and he gave it to me.. some guy from Illinois asked for a physical address, he gave me a PO box…
    anyways.. guess we have to read all terms when agreeing to something just to get past that page… i will never do it again that is for sure… All i wanted was post cards from vista print to promote my photo saw blades that i do… go figure!

  26. I was able to receive my money. Not becaause I was nice, but because he found from caler id I was a police officer. This guy is makiing 650 million. You can sweare out a warrant on him with your local da. don’t let hmi get awat there will be alot of motherstaken of advantaged of. Another fact is that this company is an affiliate of banc of america. I tried to dispute the charge and found that since they were an affiliate, the bank refused to dispute the chare without a written statetment. I have never had to fill out a form for a charge I didn’t make. WHy would a credit card company support a business that is such a crook. a google search on the internet shows many imporper if not crimninal activity. while an attorney may not want to spend the time on a case where the owner can just declare bancruptcy. They will however is you can bring in the bank that should have known of the criminal activitity. can you imaging the the amount of elderly people that cant even read the small writing on a credit card statement. From my understanding his net sales are in excess of 650 million. I have one more year of law school, I just wish I was graduated, I would take the case. I called from the department and received a total of 8 calls for the company wanting to refund llllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. emial me, I will give you any help I an.

  27. I too used vista I have used my card online one time. It’s not listed as far as I know in any personal information on my computer. The site I used was supposed to be guaranteed security safe. But I suppose it wasn’t. I did look at two of these sites, so I guess the cookies they
    downloaded must have gotten my card info somehow!!
    Passport to fun charged me 19.95, Shopping essentials
    charged me 19.95, Savingsmart charged 1.00, and Great fun
    charged me 11.99 for March and April. I didn’t catch it last month because I didn’t check my statement, but I did this
    month because I was charged for overdrawing my limit which ended up being 75.00 for a 63.00 overdraw. Now of
    course I’m on the internet and phone trying to get this stopped as you all have done. After I have notified these
    people I’m going to cancel my card and get another account. Thank you so much for all the information you have sent in to this website. It will help me tremendously.
    Sandra C. Illinois 04/16/07

  28. Soothsayer, GET OFF THIS SITE!!! Do you really think you are quite the psycologist, reading our minds, and, therefore, have analyzed our thinking to the point that you know us “idiots” so well??? You definitely need your brain analyzed, and when it comes up “crazy loon”, would you even know what that means? You are truly a waste of space and air. I hope you get what you desperately need, a lobotomy, because your brain sure is defective. Yes, you are right, none of us can read. How then can we write, you pompous asshole, lowest of the lows-moron? When you try to defend your companies, you are showing your stupidity by putting that in print for future litigation. Thanks, scumbag, for more evidence for court!! So get ready, Mr. Insane!!!!!!!!!! Please seek professional help, and do some soul-searching, ‘if you have a soul that does not belong to the devil’!! I certainly hope you have not procreated anyone who will be just like you. Don’t do that to an innocent child!!! JERK!!!

  29. I also was hit with an unexplained charge. No one could tell me till my bank did a research and provided me with the telephone number.
    When I called the first staff stated I was not on file, they requested my card number, not wanting to give it out, I requested a supervisor who insisted the card number was the only way to locate it.
    They did located the “most recent charge” and stated they would refund this charge, however the other charges would have to be handled through the research department. I asked how they could explain how they do not have my name or an account listed for me, but are charging my account $14.95, where is the money going. They stated they could not give me that information for “my safety”.
    I too am very upset as I am very careful on the net and do not sign up for anything offered that request my card number. It appears like some have said it was obtained through a buy out.
    PROMISE I will stay on top of this. I along with my husband are in employed with law enforcement and we will stay on top of this. Local sheriff, a friend is interested in this.

  30. Hey guys – I’m banning Soothsayer for now. Turns out they had been writing 29 comments total (some of them as other people).

    But know that it is best to not react to people like that online. They are only in it for the attention. I apologize for his trolling behavior.

    Soothsayer feel free to get your own blog at

  31. My fiancee just got these same charges, Passport to Fun and Today’s Escapes. I’m 99% sure it was Travelocity since she’s only made a couple of other charges. We reported it to her credit card company who canceled the charges andchanged her CC number so the bastards couldn’t do it again.

  32. Hey, Angel, I just e-mailed Girard Gibbs to have them add my name to the list. I said to expect lots of people from this site to e-mail also!! Finally, a quick way to get something started.

    Thank you for his website!!

    Hey, people, join in and feel better about the whole sucky thing. I do!!!!!!!

  33. “Soothsayer, GET OFF THIS SITE!!! Do you really think you are quite the psycologist, reading our minds, and, therefore, have analyzed our thinking to the point that you know us “idiots” so well???”

    Myself!? I wouldn’t waste the time. But market researchers get paid to do it. And I can guarantee you this venture is based off people’s neglect to listen/read ALL information where a credit card is involved. Since you got “scammed” you fit the bill of an oblivious dope who doesn’t dissect all terms and conditions when entering credit card info on the internet. You’re funny because you think my post will be used in a lawsuit. And funny is a nice way of saying “incredibley naive and stupidly backwards”. You live in the sticks and are on dial-up, right??

    Anyway, I’ll be keeping an eye out to see how this “lawsuit” works out LOL!

  34. Also, all you morons, your biggest problem is literacy. Spell it with me S-O-O-T-H-E-S-A-Y-E-R. If you read more, you might not be in this mess in the first place.


  35. I noticed a charge from them for 14.95 this month. Apparently it was from Vista prints, which my wife purchased from online.

    This is what happens when you let WIVES make purchases!!

  36. DAN, umm, HELLO!! I hope you were joking! Does your wife know you e-mailed such a chauvinistic comment? SHAME on you, buddy!! If you have read any of these comments, you will see that there are lots of men getting taken advantage of also. Please refrain from slamming your wife in a public forum, as there may be trouble in paradise!! Karma, sometimes, is a cruel thing! Do better, okay??

  37. I can hardly believe this is still going on over a year later. I belive my charge came through Travelocity. I called the number listed on my card, but could not get through. I was on hold for 20 minutes and then all of a sudden a dial tone. I called my credit card company and was told to fill out a form. Thanks for this website. I have added my name Gerard Gibbs site.

  38. “I can hardly believe this is still going on over a year later.”

    Heh, and for years to come!! As long as the American public keeps breeding the dopes they are, it’ll be all too easy.

  39. Andy, I thought YOU-KNOW-WHO was banned from here!! He’s back. It’s very hard to hold my tongue! What happened that allows him to still be here?? Thanks!!

  40. Mary and Linda … I was wondering if anyone ever responded to me so I finally got around to checking. I am very sorry you feel insulted, but it’s the truth. These people are taking advantage of how busy America is. That’s all. They’re no different than stadiums who charge you $7 for a Hot Dog because they know people want to eat and will pay the price. I don’t see anyone picketing Stadiums (& airports for that matter) demanding they stop taking advantage of people and overcharging. And do you think these gas prices will ever go down again? No. Because now that we’re all used to paying that much, why would any business in their right minds start charging less. Business, by nature, is unethical. These Passport to Fun people, and whoever their affiliates are, they’re making money off of our own sense of importance. And they get your attention by offering you money back on a purchase. I got my ten dollars back from a purchase at Columbia House (where I’ve been a member for soooo long). And not only did I get those ten back, but I got back another ten from another company trying to take advantage of Passport to Fun customers. I just stay on top of my mail and my memberships and am always sure to cancel. So I’m not getting scammed, but actually taking advantage of their free offers to save money and coming out on top. You all just need to pay more attention to what you’re doing and stop being too busy. The Devil’s in the details …

    And Linda … I was curious if anyone else knew about Passport to Fun so that’s why I punched it into a search engine. Hell, I’m an idiot for trying to defend them, because the more of you that think this is a scam, the more I can continue to take advantage of the savings. If we were ALL utilizing their services correctly, they’d be out of business! So you know what? Please continue believing it’s fake (as in not legitimate). I don’t mind saving money at [the collective] your expense … and I can’t be sorry about that.

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