Pan-Fried Chicken and Lime Spinach Salad

Sometimes I’m surprised at the things I can cook up. I think people get really intimidated by cooking way too easily. I usually bake/cook meat and then throw it on salad or steamed vegetables and that’s it. I bake and fry everything on high – I’m very impatient. Like tonight.

Pour some Cajun breading into a bowl. Take 2 chicken breasts and roll them around until they’re covered (it helps the breading stick if the chicken breasts aren’t packed in water and/or have been drained). Fire up a frying pan with some olive oil. Toss the chicken in there and start cooking – flipping it often to prevent burning. As it cools, throw some salad in that same bowl (that you’ve washed out – E. Coli!) and chop up some green peppers. Squeeze half a lime into the spinach and mix it around. Chop up chicken and put it on the spinach. Eat. Smile.

That was actually pretty damned good!

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