Pampered Chef Chicago

If anyone wants to buy Pampered Chef products – my buddy Brigitte’s got the pipeline – email me for her contact info.

Does anyone always picture Chef Boyardee in a diaper when they hear the phrase Pampered Chef?

11 thoughts on “Pampered Chef Chicago

  1. Dan

    I love the Chef. Their products are well made and overpriced. I love the food chopper and the pizza stone – you can have pizza any time at home. Great gifts for Christmas.

  2. don grubb

    im going to a shower i need some stones please have her contact me 3306785526 thanks lisa

  3. kerri

    I am interested in Pampered Chef products as well… website or catalog to browse? let me know!

  4. Traci

    Kerri (and everybody else) — are you still interested in browsing a catalog? I am a consultant for the Pampered Chef and would love to help you! Feel free to email me anytime at cheftraci at hotmail dot com

    Looking forward to hearing from any Pampered Chef fans out there!


  5. Janice

    Intersted in looking an actual Pampered Chef catalog to place an order for my friends and I.
    Please forward one or two if possible. Perhaps a couple of order forms.

    (Mailing address removed for privacy concerns- I sent your address on to a friend that does PC)

  6. cherish hostetter

    they are comming out with new pampered chef kitchen shears way better they also redesigned the measuring sppons as well as the tool turn about

  7. Anna Padgent

    I will give you my girlfriend’s email.She does pampered chef and she is AWESOME in florida. She is always looking for a way to get her name out. I don’t know why she doesn’t advertise online more. (maybe she isn’t aggressive ?)
    She does a great show and is an HONEST consultant. She will tell you the truth about what she thinks of the products.
    I met her at a show and she has become a friend. Email her and get a true feeling for what pampered chef should be.
    she does travel. and has a website. I won’t post her phone number but her website is

    Check her out and maybe I will get a discount from her for helping her out!!

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