Packed Polls

Just got back from the 17th Precinct polling place which was a high-rise on Sheridan – also the place for the 35th and 48th Precincts. A winding line from the entrance, up the stairs and through to the second floor. The building’s elderly occupants rolling over feet and pushing the youngsters out of the way with their oxygen tanks.

If I have to hear about Wolf Blitzer’s 72 video screens I might just explode. All I have to say is – did the video engineers watch Lord of the Rings on it last night?

Jake is coming over tonight to play with the cat and eat snacks while we wait for 1) election returns and 2) Ron to get back from his Vegas layover. I think there might be an Obama victory party nearby – maybe we can all three crash it.

God, Tucker Carlson is such an asshole.

7 thoughts on “Packed Polls

  1. Gigamatt

    Friends who’ve been voting for 30 years say this is the biggest turn out they’ve ever seen. Our polling place, which normally doesn’t see 1500 people in any given election day had 1500 by 9:00am.

    People are taking this one seriously. Of course, nobody will know the outcome of the presidential election till sometime in December.

  2. sam

    Palochi, Jon Stewart kicked Tucker Carlson’s ass on live tv.

    I’d like to strangle him with that bowtie, but it’s probably a clip-on.

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