Overcast and Cloudy

I think Ron might have malaria. He’s sleeping an awful lot.

He’s to my right. Kitty out in the main room. A/C has eased off. Overcast and cloud today. Just protein shake #1 of the day (with avocado – not as nasty as you’d imagine). He won’t be able to go to the Gay Games opening ceremonies so I gotta find somebody to go with. I hear it is going to be absolutely amazing.

Off to the gym in a bit (today is back day). Need to go to the optometrist – haven’t had contact lenses in weeks since my prescription expired. Did sort out my health insurance. I’d freaked out when my latest bill for my yearly checkup reached $800 and each item said ‘POLICY TERMINATED’ they had my old Blue Cross Blue Shield from when I worked for a company out of DC. I’d called BCBS and spoke to a terse woman who actually said “I was going to say that before you interrupted me sir.” Oh yeah. I wanted to say, “Listen tramp, I’ve done tech support phone calls so don’t get your phone-bitch persona with me. I’ll open up a support ticket on your ass and nothing will ever get solved.”

Went down to the Secretary of States office (of Illinois, not Condoleeza) to file my incorporation papers. I had the wrong amount for the money order. Silly me, at the very top of the form it says FILING FEE $150. And then on the secon page at the very bottom in small type it mentions a franchise tax. So I have to go back today with the extra money order and the get the thing put through.

I’m interviewing three intern candidates today. I have 4-5 ‘positions’ for folks.

Yup. Drab today. I think tonight will be my ‘cheat meal’ and Ron and I will go to Cheesecake Factory – we’ve wanted to go for a while but it is good to go on weekdays because you don’t have all the surbanites.

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