Operation Clambake

In the wake of the latest aging star reviving a career by cross-generational relations and carefully timed Oprah-attacks I think it is always good to remember Operation Clambake.

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4 thoughts on “Operation Clambake

  1. Dr Fish

    Andy for you and all your reasders please watch FRONTLINE this week ;on PBS.It looks at the out sourceing out the war.I was stuned and full of anger at what the Bush Government is doing…….

  2. sven

    I wonder if Tom gets his fees waved for talking about it EVERY FRICKIN’ CHANCE he gets….

    “Mr. Cruise, would you like your bagel toasted?”

    “Well in Scientology…..”

  3. Brandon

    These scientologist are worse than freakin christians! Neither much likes the gays (L. Ron Hubbard refered to the “elemination of the sexual pervert” in reference to homosexuality). I tend to think organized religion is all crap anyway, it tends to float away from its governing philosophy in favor of doctrine. Scientology is no different. I say think for yourself, come up with your own ideas explaining human existance.

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