Online Privacy Nightmare

  1. I have a Tivo.
  2. Tivo monitors my TV watching habits, what I rewind and what I skip.
  3. I pay for my Tivo with a credit card.
  4. The credit card company can collate all of my purchasing habits showing what I buy, what else I buy it with, where I buy it and when.
  5. My credit report details all of my credit cards, adding for more information on my purchasing habits: books, movies, DVD rentals, food, medication, dental and doctor visits.
  6. A review of my purchasing habits would show the ISP I use for browsing the internet.
  7. My ISP traffic can be routed and monitored to determine my Google search habits, any unsecured email I send and monitor keystrokes.
  8. My gym has a card that I swipe to enter through turnstiles, logging when I enter.
  9. My purchasing habits also reveal my cellphone provider that can be monitored as it connects to cellphone towers showing my location.
  10. All incoming and outgoing calls on my cellphone and landline can be monitored and datamined.
  11. My TV watching, local errands, purchases, utilities, voting habits, online profiles, electricity usage, internet searches and usage, cellphone calls, landline calls can all be rolled up into one easily aggregated data profile.
  12. Anyone I call or email can also have this same information generated about them. All you need is one thread and the rest can be populate easily.
  13. And it isn’t considered wiretapping because it is ‘just datamining’ looking for patterns and connections and letting computers datacrunch us all into networks across multiple conduits.

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Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny published author in San Francisco.

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