On Outing (2)

“Bollocks. It removes the political power they are using to destroy the lives of others. You think that it’s embarrassing for him? I see the surviving partner denied pension rights in a same sex partnership, or indeed the denial of hospital visitation rights before death. I see states that allow for homosexuals to be sacked purely on the basis of their sexuality, and I see families broken up due to the inability to deal with the sexuality of their children (or indeed parents).¬†That is something that this man was actively aiding. It’s not that things got better because the Christians were nicer, it’s down to political pressure and work. If there’s a guy who’s a star and uses that to destroy lives? Yeah, I’m OK with the truth being known.¬†Don’t want people to know you’re a hypocritical hateful fuck? Don’t be a hypocritical hateful fuck.

The Bully Pulpit | MetaFilter.

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