Ohio Patriot Act Waits Signing

Bill Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place: Citizens Would Also Have To Show ID

The lengthy piece of legislation would let police arrest people in public places who will not give their names, address and birth dates, even if they are not doing anything wrong.

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One reply on “Ohio Patriot Act Waits Signing

  1. This is absolutely amazing that the Republicans in this state are allowed to get away with this. Other than hating them ferociously, I have nothing against Republicans. This little comment will likely get me a trip to the Big House. You can bet, our Republican governor, Bob “The Boob” Taft will ink his name to this piece of trash. He’s already the lowest ranked governor in all of the U.S., so he might as well really make a name for himself. I’ll say hi to Bubba for you! I have to go grease myself up now.

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