NYPD Arrest 181 Black Men Over Cop Shooting

On June 14th, Officer Christopher Wiesneski of Queens was shot in the leg with his own gun while trying to arrest a man smoking marijuana. During the next three days, police mounted a massive dragnet in the community. A total of 181 black men in the Queens neighborhoods of Cambria Heights and Laurelton were arrested on misdemeanor charges and quality of life violations. Some who were were arrested report that they were grabbed by the cops, handcuffed and not given any explanations at the time of their arrests.

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3 thoughts on “NYPD Arrest 181 Black Men Over Cop Shooting

  1. Kevin Ballie

    That’s like trying to find out who stole your pen by subjected everyone you see to a strip search. It’s just illogical… althought it just might be fun…

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