I’ve been catching episodes of Nip/Tuck off and on all summer as they replay the past three seasons. There is something so lurid and horny about the whole show that I enjoy. It isn’t really violent as far as lots of people getting killed – but the fusion of plastic surgery, vanity, pretty people, ugly souls and generally self-destructive sex makes for a show I feel awful for watching but totally enjoy. Last night was the finale of Season 3 where they reveal who the Carver serial killer is in a 24-worthy showstopper combining castration, incest, transgender, mutilation, rape and bigotry. And there’s a sense of coolness pervading the whole show – it is twisted like an Oliver Stone or Tarantino movie but those films always have a lot of ‘heat’ in the imagery and editing – this has a slightly disconnected quality – a little Lynch-ish. I think some might argue the show is misogynist – but I think it is misanthropic: it finds disgust with everybody.

Further, I just downloaded the album from Goldfrapp that has the ‘Strict Machine’ song on it that is featured in the Nip/Tuck commercials (as well as the ads for the Chocolate phone). ‘Strict Machine’ (lyrics) would be a great flipside to NIN’s ‘Metal’ (lyrics) and then combine it with the Bjork video for ‘All is Full of Love’ with the robots making love. I think ‘Strict Machine’ was a remix when Ron and I were in Hawaii last year – but I confused it for some older song.

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  1. I actually have watched this twisted show from the very beginning. It just pushes so many buttons one has to continue watching it each season. The Goldfrapp video for “Number 1” (link to itunes: also is a play on plastic surgery and even have “Pooch and Tuck” as the name of the location of the video. Priceless.

  2. I share your enthusiasm about “Nip/Tuck”. It is one of the very few shows that have hooked me since the early “X-Files” days. It is all at once sexy and cool and then spooky and surreal. Very Lynch-ish and perhaps what they were trying to do with “Twin Peaks”.

    I’d be remiss though if I didn’t admit to looking forward to the “nude” episode with Mario Lopez…

  3. This must be stupid, but Im looking for a bar that will be playing tonights season premire, do you know of any….

  4. This nights episode was the shit…..It’s the only show I have to watch.. it’s always stimulating in every way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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