New Digs (Nearly) Secured

The leasing company finally called me back. They aren’t pro-rating down the one month free their giving so my monthly payment will be more than I expected – but I’ll only be charged for half-rent in September as well as the last month of the lease – so I guess it all evens out. ANYWAY I’m movin’ on up baby! Broadway and Roscoe. Woohoo!

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9 replies on “New Digs (Nearly) Secured

  1. So, Andy… does this now mean that you have more room so that a southerner to crash when he visits Chicago???? LOL Hey, Andy … where’d you go???

  2. Great area to be living in. Make sure you carry a big stick and a can of mace babe. Don’t want that purdy face of yours hurt. 🙂

  3. It’s weird because this is ground zero Boystown and in the middle of Lakeview – super-duper Starbucks & condos yuppie-ville. At least the murders are all unrelated and it seems the most recent one was an acquaintance murder – not a total stranger. If I survived at the highest crime rate train stop for 3 years (Wilson Red Line) I should be just fine here.

    Though it seems like all the street lights in this area are half the wattage of the surrounding hood. Plus there are many mature trees so everything looks darker than other streets.

    That’s why the hustlers hang out on Elaine waiting for their pick up.

  4. Careful now… I live on Elaine Place and whenever I’m hanging out on the street it means I’m only waiting for the rinse cycle outside the laundry room. No, really. I mean it. Stop all that giggling, you guys.

    Welcome to da ‘hood, Andy.

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