Never Pull Out an Embedded Object

A former paramedic on Metafilter breaks it down:


  • IF embedded object THEN stabilize object and call 911 ELSE do not remove.
  • If embedded object is in eyeball, stabilize object and cover other eye so patients eyes dont move.
  • Nails in the eye can be stabilized with rolls of gauze iglood up around the nail and taped into place.

Knives in the belly, same idea, only using rolled-up washclothes or towels. Above all, DO NOT EVER PULL OUT AN EMBEDDED OBJECT. Sometimes the embedded object is the only thing maintaining blood vessel integrity, and if the blood vessel is an artery, the person can bleed to death between the time you hear the ambulances siren and it arrives at your house.”

via Its Not About the Nail | MetaFilter.

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