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Scott – whose Vietnamese PhD husband must not mind – sent me pics of some buff Chinese guy. Feed your fantasies or eating disorders as you see fit.

Hot Chinese guy.

Hot Chinese guy.

Hot Chinese guy.

Hot Chinese guy.

Published by Andy

Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny published author in San Francisco.

103 replies on “Muscular Chinese Guy”

  1. I love what Chi said above – I agree with her completely, and white people treat asian girls the worst because they think they can get off on us – no matter who they are. And somehow they feel they have the right to say this crap to your face.

    About asian guys –

    When you place a white guy, east asian guy, hispanic guy, black guy, semetic guy, south asian guy (you get the idea, right?) I think hands down – while they’re all attractive (we’ve already established that) there’s something about the east asian guy….they can be SO hot. (I think central asians follow next w/ their mongolian/turk/ persian blood mixes)

    As a half asian girl I’ve always thought Korean guys were really really hot. Mainly because they tend to be taller and have more of a build then Japanese.

    Chinese guys that I knew were either really short (5-5’6) or really tall (5″11-6’4), but the ones I knew didn’t have the looks that the really hot koreans and japanese guys I knew. But I’d like to say that I’ve seen some really hot chinese guys, that are tall and amazing. God, there’s really hot asian guys everywhere – if you look.

    And white guys seem to outnumber the “ugly” asians waay more….they just think that because they;re white they’re excused of having to look at least *decent*, keep a *decent* figure, get a *decent* education….etc White guys can’t come close to asian guys figure, hair, looks, fashion and manners….

  2. i think chinese men, are very very beautiful and so sexy, they’re so hot, mmm , i love them, and i think chinese woman are very beautiful too, but i’m a woman, and i don’t like womans… so , chinese mans for ever;;););)

  3. Yes
    Asian man are ugly!!!!!!
    I’m Filipino and I’m ugly coz I’m asian.
    Although I don’t resemble some chinaman or any with light skin I resemble more Islandic countries like Samoans and Tongans.
    I have dark skin like them and look like them.
    But I’m ugly coz I’m asian!!!!!!
    Y was I born ASIAN!

  4. Look everyone, I am Indian and although the term ‘asian’ refers to my background as well as the chinese/japanese/korean people and “Guest”‘s post angered me just as much as you guys, I think you should take a look at yourselves.

    I am only 13 and recently learned that you can’t call another person racist, even if they said the racist comment first, unless you don’t stoop to their level, because the second you do and say one back you’re just as bad as them.

    Now, I don’t know Guest, so I’m not gonna judge him/her, but if they said they didn’t mean what they said from the beginning leave them alone. It’s a waste of time and effort to try and get them to say otherwise.

    If they’re in denial and they DID mean it – screw them. Ranting and raving online won’t change their mind, but you can by all means make your opinion of them heard.

    It’s when they are so stubbornly in denial that you just have to say ‘You know what? What goes around comes around and we all know you’ve experienced racism at some point, and you must know how it feels. So if you’re retarded enough to go and make those sorts of statements about other races, go ahead and do so, but at least have the balls to admit what you said and stand by it. If you’re too much of a pussy to admit what you said then don’t say it in the first place. But if you do stand by it hen watch how you get beaten up some day – you’ll be sorry then won’t you?’

    Or you could just leave them. We can get by without such prats.

    If they really didn’t mean what they said, and they did really somehow say that as a (and i quote) ‘spur of the moment thing’, then Guest, this is my message to you:

    “Get some tact. As Yie Hann very rightly said, if you’re sentence has ‘not meaning to be racis in it’, then it probably is. So don’t say it.

    If you really do not posess any tact then I advise you to re-read or re-think anything you’re about to type or say whilst thinking in the other person’s shoes (thinking how it would affect YOU if YOU were in their position).

    I think I’ve ranted and raved enough…bye 4 now.

    Either plunge into Darkness…

    …or step into The Light

  5. well i have better than he does,,,
    i can take more than he can 10 times,,,
    u know what i mean ladies

  6. OMG!!! he is sOoOo sexy!! and cut!look @ his abbs!! god i am sOoOo glad my boyfriend isn’t here! he would get mad @ me 4 looking @ other chinese guys!! he doesnt like them!! idk y though!! i think they r really sexy!! well if ur really hott and ur single then give me a call!! (903)-235-0960

  7. Very interesting topic of conversation. I must admit its kinda funny to learn how people can hate a whole race (or a GREAT proportion of it) based on a few people that leave bad impressions or have slight imparements (but i dont understand how you can pinpoint a race, doesn’t his happen everywhere?), this goes for the person who hates asians and for the ladies who hate whites. I am from a mixed race, asian and new zealand. I have mates from all different countries, dont see anyone as better or worse. Shouldn’t this be the way to live in today’s civlised society? All human’s aren’t we?

  8. I total agree wit peace out, i dnt get bout racism cos its all bull hu cares wot colour ur skin is does it matter?? NO so get ova it u stupid people hu r racist even if u say ur nt if u say u dnt like a cetain race den ur racist u stupid closeminded pricks!!!!

  9. Just for Chi and Mai, I would just like you to know that I am half white, half American Indian and I love asian women. Not because I think they are submissive and I can stomp all over them, but because I just think they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. And I did not start liking asian women after watching japanese animation or some crappy movie. One of my closest friends is a full Korean girl and shes awsome. So you can say you hate white people all you want, but the feelings are not mutual. There very well could be a large group of white males who are discusting perverts, but not all of us. 🙂

  10. hes alright-a bit of an evil look but…HEAVENLY BOD..just wanna spread him on a cracker…

    As to the whole ‘racist argument’…I have seen a lotta guys…nationality rarely decides whether a guy’s physically attractive or not…furthermore being Chinese myself I feel like I gotta defend my father; for a middle-aged man, he is pretty hot…lol

  11. After reading the comments posted on this website, my only thought was “Damn.” Why does everyone fail to see that there ARE great people outside of our own races? Regardless of aesthetic appeal, why can’t we learn to accept others? Personally speaking, I’m 100% chinese (but nobody belives me because I have big eyes and I look white). I have white friends, black friends, indian friends, etc. Is there anything wrong with that? If you think there is, feel free to kiss my ass =] There are attractive people from ALL races, and by stating that you “hate asians” or “hate whites”, you’re eliminating more chances for yourself; so it’s only YOUR loss in the end.


    Yeah. Anyways. I’m done ranting. The guy is hot. Cynical and very bulgy-looking, but he’s hot.

  12. RE: “GUEST”‘s Message
    A very lively blog to say the least.
    However, in illusion to Dr. Eric Schneider’s final statement on Message #28,

    (“One wonders what experience lurks in a background that feels it necessary to justify and rationalize ones likes and dislikes….I wonder….don’t you????”),

    I’m surprised that no one has considered the possibility that “GUEST” IS ASIAN HIMSELF. Let me explain this rationale.

    Firstly, the manner in which “Guest” expresses his dislike for the asian male sounded unnaturally bitter when he states, “asian guys r the ugliest in the world”. One wonders why would he go to such lengths in describing asian guys as thought it were something of personal offence, almost as if out of frustration.

    A striking resemblance of “Guest”‘s dissatisfaction with his own personal identity is Flipo’s comment on Message #53,

    Asian man are ugly!!!!!!
    I’m Filipino and I’m ugly coz I’m asian.
    Although I don’t resemble some chinaman or any with light skin I resemble more Islandic countries like Samoans and Tongans.
    I have dark skin like them and look like them.
    But I’m ugly coz I’m asian!!!!!!
    Y was I born ASIAN!”)

    Notice the sentiments are similar to “Guest”‘s original message (#17) with the exception that Flipo has utilise his own inferences – hence it does not carry with it any racist notions simply because his comment is directed at his own personal frustration and that of his fellow man of comparable race which may explain why “Guest” has mentioned bluntly and pointed out numourously that he is not racist although he has never publicly acknowleged his race.

    When it comes to factors we can’t manipulate like the genes we inherit from our ancestors especially unfavourable ones, it is easy to
    empathize with the frustration and difficulty one goes through to come to terms and make peace with who we are and what we have. So it is with deepest regards that I’d like to wish to all the beautiful souls out there that feel this way to be strong, to live for yourself first and foremost, and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer as if it were your very last and cherish this quote by Dr. Seuss – “Be who you are say what you mean because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”.


  13. hey i think that they have too much of a tan… but i also think that they are wayy too muscular! well its probably because i’m not that used to it. but…hot guyz overall dudes!

  14. hey i don’t really like asian guys(they are not my type) all that much but damn he is fine as all hell

  15. Oh my god makes me forget about my ex damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can i have ur number lol
    u wanna “play”

  16. well im afghan but i look asian so i have mongaloid genes in me and frankly people in school dont take me seriosuly cause of my looks so 1st impression people think of not respecting me as much as they would to white or black people. my personality well ill kik ur ass if u disrespect me. i can understand why u guys are complaining. i am 5 feet 8 i am built i have a nice tattoo from my arm to my shoulder to my chest to my ribs on the left side. before getting the tattoo people in school picked on me and called me a a fcuking asian guy. i ermember a year ago when the girls wouldnt look at me and the guys well they juss said hi cause they knew my personality. this year well i got a porsche boxster and i fcuked nuff girls that no white or black has and now ppl wanna talk to me but i can see that the generolizing still goes around in the school cause now they refer to me as the black guy and named me jamal also saying im too good to be asian which pisses me off cause i am what i am take it or leave it. also white people really piss me off they have no manners dress like crap and cant get their hi skewl diploma and yet they think they are better than otehrs. unlike a white guy i take a shower everyday, i speak proper english ratehr than a wigger slang, i can dress myself with nice clothing and have enough money to buy a nice car and also respect myself enough to stay in shape and enjoy being myself unlike white people who are too ashamed of being whiote so they act as if thye are black. im not racist but i use every racist word out there and no 1 cares cause they know i say it how i see it. thank u

    by the way my name is mohamad akbary i look asian they say i look like jet li………o.k

  17. Most are disabled? what?
    Are you telling me that of the 1.2 billion people in china, not to mention the rest of the asian continent, most have a physical disability?

    I’d like to see the study that proved that!

  18. hey mojo m8 dont let the ignorant turn u racist m8, im half algerian half canadian and sure i used to get a fair bit of shit at school (cos of my name) even though i look completely white. since ive been at uni ive been rolling in pussy, northern irish pussy, english pussy and some spanish pussy and its not cos i have a porsche lol or a wang the width of arnies biceps, its cos im fucking ownage personality man! sure sum woman like cars but dnt fucking bother with them m8 get urself a nice looking girl with hods of personality!

  19. WOW, AWESOME. TRULY AWESOME. Thank you soooo much for posting him! Does anybody have a name or identity for this magnificent, perfect man? Please????

  20. I think all men can be beautiful. But Muscular Asians are my alltime favorite, probably because they are so VERY RARE. I just love them so much!

  21. OMG, I like SO wanna jerk off on this guy!!!!!

    he is like, SO hot.

    OMG, he reminds me a bit of that guy outta Wham. Does anyone know who this guy is? He makes me like doing a sex wee in my pants – too late.

    God I love men – I am a man myself which is quite lucky. Can you imagine how happy it makes me, knowing that if I want a good jerk off I just have to look in a mirror.

    I might go and spend some time alone with these pictures now.

  22. Unfortunately, i am not gay, but i can certainly appreciate what this young gentleman brings to the table.

    It’s a shame however that he’s chinese (or whatever) as i always find that their dead, expressionless stare remind me of the eyes of the great white shark from jaws.

    Did you know that you only ever see the whites of a sharks eyes when they bite? It seem’s white isn’t always right.

    Again, not gay.

  23. Kinky Chinky??? what if i called you bigger nigger, or cracky paki, or snog wog, or zip nip? its still rascist, even if you do fancy them.

    and what is it with people typing like idiots these days? it doesnt make you endearing, or cute, it just makes you look stupid – like you’re too cool for school m’lady.

    Well, are you stupid Heather? Hmmm? Oh sorry, what I meant to say was “wel, is u fick Hevver?”

    I blame damn mobile phones for all of this ridiculous type of shorthand that the youths of today seem to be employing. To tell the truth I think we owe a great deal of blame to mobile phones for much of what is wrong with the world today; Brain Tumours, Happy Slapping, Increase in mugging, and Big Brother. Things have got out of hand very quickly and they will continue to spiral out of control until people open up their hearts to Jesus.

    I regularly attend our local Evangelist 150 miles away, and he tells us to remember 3 things: Give generously, keep away from his Hummer, and Jesus died for our sins. However, when he died for our sins that was back in the year 0029AD, when the only sins that you could do were adultery, theft, murder and gayness. God presumably thought that whilst it was a huge sacrifice on his part, it would be more than enough to cover these sins for every man for millions of years.

    Now, whilst being gay is no longer a sin (its awareness was raised by Liberace, then made cool by Freddie Mercury and the Village People), there are many many new sins that surely arent covered by Jesus’ sacrifice. For example, dirty cheap whores, bribery, blackmail, politicians, American Idol, prositution, singing too enthusiastically on ‘Songs of Praise’, and poor self hygene being just a few. If God had known how sin-greedy mankind would have become I’m sure he wouldnt have bothered sending his own son to die, as the sins that Jesus died for are now just a drop in the ocean compared to the sins of nowadays.

    A lesson for us all there I’d wager – if someone has been naughty, do not let your son (or daughter!) die for said persons sins – its probably just not worth it in the long run.

    I think what we all need to do is step back and look at humanity as a whole. Wouldnt it be great if we all just stripped naked and started living back to basics again. We could all frollick around prancing as mother nature intended, and mating with whoever the hell we liked. I’d be straight over to Poland thats for sure – some of the women there have the hugests breasts you would ever see (it must be something in the water). I could imagine us all as a race, living on blossom covered hills, with no guns, no wars and certainly no Jade Goody (look her up on Google).

    Who feels like giving it a go? We first need a wealthy land owner who will donate us a large mountain side in New Zealand or something like that (not a volcano before anyone even tries it), then a list of names of people who feel like living on said mountain in peace and harmony (although i’m generally quite rough when mating). If anyone feels like it, they should send an email to floydhasslebaink@googlemail.com with the subject: ‘Naked Mountainside Loving Vision With Blossom, Fig Leaves and Stuff’.

    Thank you all in advance,


  24. Christ on a bicycle!

    That boy is ‘hanging tough’ as my old friends New Kids On The Block would say. I bet he could crack walnuts with those thighs.

    I wonder if he waxes, or if like so many of his kin he is naturally hairless.

    I think the poster above has a slightly skewed view of Jesus’ sacrifice. Just because the sin of say happy slapping had not been invented back in the times of our saviour, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t taken into acount when he sacrificed himself.

    It also doesn’t mean that things that were pecieved as sins (buggery, coveting thy neighbours ox etc) are now no longer sins just because society deems it convienient. While my nieghbour doesn’t have an ox, he does have one of those new Wii’s and i would happily twist his neck off to get it if it wasn’t against the Lords teachings. The thing is, i know it’s wrong and i release my frustrations by fingerpainting and petty vandalism, not by commiting murder and (possibly) rape.

    God be with you all.

  25. Word up babygurl, I is always down wid bitches no matter wut color their asses be! I take it choo be black? Cuz hey baby, I just cant get the thought of yo big bubble butt outta my mind. Mmmm, dats right baby work dat booty up and down, shake it baby, do the clown, do the clown baby – mmm dats right! I dunno bout chinese guys not liking sisters, but damn baby i love y’all enough to make up for it anyways. Firstly, I would take you back to mine, then put on some fine music, dim the lights, maybe open some fine champagne – THEN FUCK!!!! mmmm, y’all be like "damn boy i LIKE yo style" and I be like "shuttup woman – lets get down!". Then we be bangin away like nobodys business – thing is, its everyones business cuz i be sendin dis shit out across the world with my webcam I bought from Tandy – $9.99 man!! Anywayz, you be doin shit you would never let anyone see only cuz you dont know anyone be watchin, then I lays it down I be like "damn boi, dat shit be fine, can the camera see my pussy, cuz you got me smokin!" and I be like "sure baby gurl yo pussy is goin out in technicolor for sho!" By the ways, you says that dis guy is too muscly for you, well i hope i’m not – I dont have big muscles, but I do have a BIG muscle if y’all know wut I mean haha. If you feel like gettin down baby, just mail me to chat at [email address removed to protect commenter from spam]

  26. This is one sexy motherfucker. I’ve never looked at asians before, but this motherfucker turns me on! Goddamn! I will be lookin at asians from now on if they look like that, or like Jet Li. But I hear that they don’t like black women. Is that true?

  27. This is one sexy motherfucker. I’ve never looked at asians before, but this motherfucker turns me on! Goddamn! I will be lookin at asians from now on if they look like that, or like Jet Li. But I hear that they don’t like black women. Is that true?

  28. This guy is really HOT! But… you know what they say: Huge muscles = Small dick!

    His muscles are too big and his dick is too small! I love guys who are skinny but with a little pot belly. It’s cute! (And they usually have average to large-sized dicks. NO JOKE!) That describes my bf now, and he is more man than this muscleguy will ever be!

    My ex-boyfriend was an Asian bodybuilder, very similar to this guy. I don’t know if he used steroids, but he worked out hard and lifted weights a lot. But his dick was way too small. I broke up with him for guy who had a very large penis! But not a bodybuilder, he was skinny but had a lil pot belly (cute!) So I’ve had an Asian bodybuilder with a small dick, and a giant-dicked “couch potato” with a pot belly! The couch potato was much bigger and better in bed than the bodybuilder.

    Yes, the bodybuilder’s dick was small and he could barely get it up most times! His muscles were huge and overrated. My new bf (with the big prick and belly) called my ex “twinky dick” then kicked him hard in the nuts. My muscly ex couldn’t even stand up, much less fight back! My skinny bf won! Muscles are weak. Sorry.

    Why does every guy with huge muscles have a small dick? Is it inversely proportional??

  29. I think it is horribly sad that one person (probably a white guy), takes a stab at a chinese guy, and then everyone else starts destroying all white people. I think it is quite funny that everyone yells at him for being stereotypical about chinese guys, but then everyone turns right around and stereotypes white males. A couple of girls said that white males think that they can take advantage of chinese girls because of movies. But I don’t ever remember growing up and hearing any white male ever say anything bad about a chinese person, ever. In fact the guys I grew up think that chinese/oriental girls are quite beautiful, very nice, and most of them are exteremely intelligent. I personally idolize how hard the males work. But thank you for the judgement.

  30. That’s fucking pathetic. I hate guys who show off like that. And that’s too fucking much anyway. He looks like he’s on tons of steroids. He should do something about his tiny almost-not-existing penis too….

    His nob’s MASSIVE!!! Lololol, no it’s Not! Thats what you call a small package mate! Poor guy- He’s got all that muscle but not where it counts! That is one tiny little dick. No wonder muscle guys do what they do… can you say, “overcompensation”? So sad. Its a fact: he may be built but his tool is small as a jelly-bean. Or maybe his “thing” has disappeared due to the steroids or just from working out too much.

    I did read somewhere that constant muscle-training can possibly make your dick retract into the body a little more over time. I forget the specifics involved but there is something that goes on there. But, it can also just be overcompensation of course. I know if I had a tiny dick I’d probably be in the gym a lot more.

    Or, maybe he was just born with a small penis. Too bad for him that even with muscles, girls will still not be impressed. Most hot girls don’t like guys that are too big. I bet he spends a lot of time with his hand being that it looks like he doesn’t have time for anything else such as women. Waste his life in the gym lifting weights!

    A very few guys might want to look like him, but I don’t. I like being skinny! Me and my chubby flabby roomate get LOTS more sex than my buff muscly roomate does. “Muscles”, my roomate, looks just like this muscular Asian guy and never gets laid because everybody says his muscles are too big and his dick is too small! He works out hard in the gym lifting weights, but it’s useless because he can never make his manhood any bigger… And that’s right where it counts the most! But scrawny me and my chubby roomate get all the sex because we are gigantic where it REALLY matters! And his huge muscles are useless in a fight… whenever we wrestle, all we hafta do is hit him in the balls, he crumples from the pain, and we win!

    Guys, remember this important lesson: Big muscles = Small dick = Useless!!!

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