Motorola Razr Turns Self Off

Just blogging this in case someone else if having similar problems. Ron got a new black Razr phone and it kept turning itself off. He eventually called the local Cingular store and (after looking up the phone’s serial code) they said that there was a batch of Razr phones that had a glitch where they’d turn themselves off if they lost a signal. He got the replacement phone today.

In case others misspell: Razor, Razer, Rasor 

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186 thoughts on “Motorola Razr Turns Self Off

  1. BlueRazr

    My Blue RAZR has started to power down in the middle of a conversation. I’ll be chatting and then a loud BUZZING sound will occur then i’ll look at the phone and see it is rebooting. Not sure if this is a battery issue. It’s within the 1 year warranty so I am thinking of calling Cingular.

  2. Bill

    Howdy all! Well, I got my Razr from Verizon back in November. Worked jolly good, until one day, the screen just showed up as No Signal! So, we returned it back to the Verizon Store from which the phone was purchased, and Customer Service was pretty jolly about it. Let me get a new Razr!

    Well, today, i get home from school and…KABLAM! Phone’s turned off, and I can’t charge it. Hold down the power button, NOTHING! Any idea what the problem is? I’m thinking of just getting a new phone.

  3. kell

    yeh i have dropped mine so many times in water and on concrete and tiles and it has worked fine up until this morning when i dropped it and now it keeps saying invalid battery

  4. David

    I ended up taking my razr into a motorola service center in OKC, OK to have it looked at. They cleared my phone of it’s programming and my phone numbers and ring tones and graphics etc… but it was fixed when they gave it back to me. They charged me 20.00 for the service and it took about 20 minutes.
    The updated software increased the functionality of my RAZR and it now works better than it ever did in my remote location! 20 bucks well spent!

  5. Pam

    BlueRazr – I’m on my second pink razr because the first one was rebooting all the time. Cingular replaced it after about 2 hours screwing around on the phone trail and getting back to where I started. Anywho, it’s started rebooting again and twice today I got the staticy sound just before the reboot. I’m still within the 1 year (even would be for the first phone). I’m also trying the paper trick, but since this is an intermittent problem, it might take a while to see if it helps.

    So, I wanted to know what luck did you have with Cingular? I’m about ready to tell them to give me a different model phone, but then can I move my Razr sim into another phone? Does anyone know, like if I get a Q or some other Motorola?

  6. edgar

    ok I got a Razor v3 and this is my second time i have had this problen.I have returned my first one ,but now my gurentee is over. The problem is the (lcd)screen , the screen does not work,the phone turns on , but the inside screen and the little outside screen dont, i can recieve calls or make calls, i can even use the volume key as well as the other keys. I was wondering if i could personally fix it or see what the problem was. If u can give me any help on what to do, it would really help.

  7. Pam

    Edgar –

    If you got your replacement within the past year, I think the garantee starts over again – at least I’m pretty sure that’s what Cingular told me when they sent my replacement.

  8. Anonymous

    i have a razor 2 and if i press a button it turns off!!!even wen its charging!!!razors suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mark

    Well, isn’t this interesting. My new Motorola Pebble phone yesterday started coming up with ”Invalid Battery”, so I took the battery and sim out, put the battery back in, knocked it back on, took the battery back out put the sim back in and knocked it back on, and it worked fine then!

    It’s a nice phone, but I can tell you something, looking at THIS website, Motorola will not be getting my business again!

    They should be ashamed of themselves!

  10. s1oan


    I had the same problem again (Display not working) but this time I couldn’t fix it by cleaning the contacts 🙁

    There’s a repair manual for this phone available on several sites (serach in google) and the most common cause for this problem is a loose internal connector.

    I opened it and attached the display connector.
    Now the phone is working again! 😀

  11. paige

    yeah so i just dropped my motorola silver razr V3 into the toilet.. on accident of course, but it was only for a mere few seconds. well i was told to take the battery out, and started to wipe the phone off seeing as it was still wet…

    eventually i started drying it with my blowdryer for a few minutes. the phone started working, but it can’t find the service and for some reason think’s that it’s january 1st of 2000.

    the battery works, my brother has another razr and i stuck it in there, it works fine.. i dont know what to do ! please help!!

  12. edgar

    Ok I have this razr v3 phone which works and everything, but the screens do not work. I can recieve and make calls, turn the volume to the way I like it, and type on the blue lighted keys.It works fine , but the little and big screen do not work, ai cant see nothing on the screens. They look off. I was wondering if thare was some thing I could do or see the estimate about how much it will cost to repair.If you can cotact me as soon as posible it would really help.

  13. Amber

    same problem with my RAZR V3 (Silver) deciding to turn itself off. it started about a couple of weeks ago. i’ve had my phone for 4 months or more now.
    i found that it had turned itself off when pulling it from my pocket after walking with it there for a while. to start with i couldn’t even turn it back on, the keypad lights would flash on and off, but the screen remained blank. eventually i succeeded in bringing my phone back to life, although time was all that helped… removing and replacing the battery did nothing whatsoever.

    yesterday, a few weeks after my first problems, i had left my phone on and placed it in a bag of mine. i pulled it from my bad and found that again, it had turned itself off. spent quite a while trying to turn it on. it eventually powered up and turned itself off after a few minutes. the problem has persisted into today, but at this very moment things seem to be doing alright.

    i’ve had minor problems with my phone before, from the “insert sim” message being displayed to the phone freezing to a lovely screen of white =| i figured these things happen…

    if my phone continues to turn itself off, i shall be paying Telstra (in Australia) a visit =)

  14. BigSte

    Have you tried the new Firmware from the Motorola web site? It’s a bit of a pain to get on. It comes up with weird error messages all the time and I even had to swap the USB lead into a different socket when it seemed to have got stuck in a loop.
    It hasn’t crashed yet.
    Also, I found using a background picture from out of the phone memory instead of the SDcard made it hang up less often.
    I’m liking mine again, now.


  15. Found a solution

    OK. I have the PINK razr. It has refused to turn, on for days now. I’ve had the charger going non-stop, changed the plug etc.

    I also had the keypad always lit up in Blue. I noticed that even if I removed the battery, leaving the phone connected to the charger, the blue keypad lights were on. So, I figured that the blue keypad lights were an indication that the power was coming from the electrical source & therefore when the blue keypad lights were on – the phone wasn’t charging.

    Someone posted above that the charger socket is apparently ridiculously sensitive.

    So, what I did was move the charger around in the phone socket until the BLUE KEYPAD LIGHT TURNED OFF!! Then, bingo, my screen turned on & the phone started charging.

    BTW – THIS PHONE SUX!! I’ll use this one until it dies, but Motorola have lost my business forever. This is just one of the zillion problems I’ve experienced with this phone. It has so many, bugs & poorly thought-out control problems, drives me potty.
    I bought it for the ‘pretty’ factor, but I’ll never buy from them again.

  16. Found a solution - EDIT!!!

    OK, my post above was a bit silly, the reason why the lights went off was because I removed the batter! However, the solution still works… (well for mine at least)

    1. Take the battery out of the phone. Blue lights turn off.
    2. Put the charger into the phone socket.
    3. Blue lights should turn on.
    4. Put the battery back into the phone
    5. The phone should start charging automatically.
    6. Now you should be able to turn it on.
    7. Leave the charger on until battery full charged!

    Good luck.

  17. Steve'o

    Just so you guys know Motorola provides a warranty on the phone for one year and a manufactures warranty for 15 months. It doesn’t matter where you bought it. I was having the same problem but Motorola told me to get the IMEI number under the battery or by pressing *#06# into the phone. They’ll tell you if your phone is still under warranty. Plus there going to want you to go through a bunch of stuff you know isn’t the going to help the problem. lol. Repair takes about 9 to 15 days. But it’s better than paying insurance or getting a new one.

    Motorola’s #:1-800-331-6456
    Your gonna want to press 1, 1, 3, and 5 to get to talk to someone…. Hope this helps. Any questions

  18. Max

    No, it doesn’t work for me. I have the same problem with silver Razr. Sometimes it restarts only every couple minutes, whereas sometimes it restarts as soon as it finished loading from the last time it restarted. It is very annoying.

    Anyone who has idea how to fix this, please mail me at


  19. Max

    Somebody asked about the firmware on motorola’s site:

    Yes I tried the ‘software update’ if thats what you mean. No help. Phone keeps restarting itself like crazy.

    Anyone who has idea how to fix this, please mail me at


  20. David

    Firmware and system update are two different things. Try taking your phone to a Motorola authorized service center, ask them to clear the system programming and reprogram. A $20 fee is applicable if the phone is out of warranty.

  21. Laura

    My razr (silver) turns itself off on occasion, since the day I got it. I dropped it in the shower recently(dont ask), but it didnt get very wet, and now the blue light behind the keys wont turn off, even when the phone is closed ,so it will only hold a charge for about 6 hours. The water “dot” behind the battery still looks white, so Im sending it back to Cingular. How can I prove that the dot was white when I sent it off? How do I know that they wont just say the dot was red and charge me $115? From reading all of these blogs, it sounds like if they send me another phone Im in for a wholenew set of problems.

  22. BigSte

    “The water ‘dot’ behind the battery still looks white, so Im sending it back to Cingular”. “How can I prove that the dot was white when I sent it off?”

    Why not take a photo of it 🙂

  23. Pam

    I finally threw in the towel with my Razr and called Cingular for a replacement. I’d only had the phone replaced once so the woman at the company store said they would want to replace it again with another Razr. When I called 800-801-1101, which is their direct line to the warranty department, I told the guy that replacing the Razr with another Razr was not an acceptable answer. He chuckled when I said I was deeming my problem “the white screen of death.” After checking with his supervisor, he gave me a list of 4 phones I chould choose from – Motorola V557, Nokia 6102i, Samsung D407, Sony Ericson Z525A. I told him no way on the Motorola. He didn’t give me a hassle about it or anything. I asked if he minded just holding the line whilst I checked some features and reviews – he said not a problem and I spent about 10 minutes doing a quick scour for information. I picked the Samsung because the quick review showed this has the best voice quality from the selected list (which beyond having a phone that stays on is the next highest quality I would look for). He said it would take 5-7 business days ground for the new phone to arrive. I called them this past Friday (or maybe it was late Thursday) and the phone was on my doorstep Monday morning – much less than the expected ETA. They even included a phone charger because I mentioned I had purchased one for the Razr. I had expected I would have to buy a new one for the Samsung, so that was a pleasant surprise.

    Pretty basic compared to the Razr, but I figure I can at least use this until December when my contract lets me upgrade to a different phone. So far, so good – the phone is on and immediately recognized my Sim card (no reprogramming of VM or anything) and I’m getting calls again. Despite Cingular’s general customer service runaround, this time I was quite pleased – helpful, quick, and I didn’t go into phone loop hell.

  24. Sherri

    Regarding the “white screen of death” Pam referred to: does anyone know of any keypad sequences/steps you can try to maybe correct this? My daughter’s pink razr supposedly suffered water damage several weeks ago (the little white dot under the battery is red), and if that’s the case it should be dried out by now, so airing it out wouldn’t help, I’m guessing. I hear there is a kit you can buy to remove corrosion on the internal parts in the case of water damage, but in checking online for tips on how to remove an annoying problem with my phone(not a motorola phone, btw), there were many suggestions offered using a series of keypad entries into your phone, various ways to try to “reset” the phone, I guess. Just wondering if anyone knows of any tips like this for the razr..her screen is ok 75% of the time, other times we have to flip it open/shut several times to get the screen to normal, or sometimes remove the battery, etc. will work. Any suggestions? I refuse to pay for another phone just yet, especially when I keep hearing how many of these so-called “water-damaged” phones can be fixed using a few simple techniques.

  25. jenn

    okay so like i have read all the things to do when you rarz says ” unable to charge” and yet it still says this and i only have one bar left and i despartetly need this phone so if anyone can help now ples do tell. I have cleaned the contacts and took the battery out and even tried to adjust the plug so please help me!

  26. cameron

    today i turned on verizon razr v3(silver/black) and the inside screen is all white the exterior screen is blue and i do not know what is wrong. i havent dropped it and it worked fine before i turned it off yesterday. I can only see an all white screen but i can still dial numbers and things. the only thing not working are the display screens. I have taken out the battery and put it back in no suprise that didnt do anything. also i dont have to turn the phone on any more, it automatcally turns on when the battery is put in or it gets connected to the charger. Is there anyway to fix this white screen? any help would be greatly appreciated.

  27. Max

    You could have damaged the flex cable. Get a Razr flex cable replacement from eBay or somewhere, or firt disassemble your razr to see if its damaged…
    Bu disassembly will void your warranty

  28. SikDave

    Got a great RZR last week and the damned thing does exactly as yours did, switches itself off when it loses reception and after sending messages and recieving calls. It’s going back today.

  29. mark

    Mine does the same thing but I have isolated to doing it only when I have the leather case on it and I wear it on my belt. It works fine when I take the case off and leave it in my pocket.

  30. Nessa

    Okay so first off: I’m not that old. I have parents that will kill me if they find this out. I’ve all ready broken my iPod which they don’t have a clue about.

    Today I was down at this creek and I jumped in the water and, unknowingly, I was in the water for about five minutes before it hit me: I was in the water with my Razr.

    It’s been working fine for me. It’s a wonderful phone and I just got Easy Edge. It seemed that I was having a good day. The phone was fine at first but a message said: Invalid Battery. But it was still on. Soon after the keypad wouldn’t work. The only button that would work was the button that turned it off. I dried it off. I took it outside and tried to sun dry it. I put the battery back in and the only thing that happens is the lights on the keypad turn on.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?
    I’m. Dead. Could a new battery fix it?

  31. Travis

    I’ve had my phone for about 11 months its the Razr V3 and today i got out of the shower had the phone on the counter went to send a text message and bam the 6 key was messed up, I have to press really hard to get it to work. Then i went to go back and hit the end button nothing happend then it just turned my phone off. So all the end button does is turn the phone off and on. ANyone got any ideas what to do b4 i take it back?

  32. Sarah

    I am soooo unhappy with my pink razr. I bought it simply cause I needed a new cell, had the salesman told me there were chronic problems with them, I would have happily chosen a different phone. However, that is besides the point. My phoen every once ina while, unlike the problems listed above, does not turn off, but I try to dial out, or just use the keypad. A select random number of the keys will work, and thats maybe 2 at most. Then what happens, is it says “No Names are Stored in Phonebook” Well, I wasnt trying to get into the phonebook, and yes there are names in there. lol. THe more common thing it reads to me ” Voice DIal Memory is Full” … umm what?? ANy ideas ofhow I can just get a new phone? I have already had it brought back to the store, and they couldnt fix it, it was sent back to Motorola and is now back to me, in the exact condition it left in. What a pile. DOn’t buy a razr guys. lol

  33. CCC

    My wife’s silver V3 was working fine but the last few weeks, its turned itself on and off. It was very fraustrated, so we called cingular customer service..waited for a long time…they finally sent us the replacment phone. Same thing happen with the replacement phone..not sure what to do now..will take it to the store and see what they can do..what a cheap quality phone for a huge price….suck!!! I’ve been their custormer since they were cellone..

  34. Anonymous

    i bought my phone about 2 months ago it worked fine until the battery went now when i try to charge it the screen lights up then justs turn off anyone the same if you know what to do email me at

  35. Hello world

    My cell phone is not picking up singal and when ever I try to call some one, it just “call failed”. Has any one faced this problem/ I am just not able to use my phone anymore.

  36. Iron Mike

    My black Razr does not boot up or charge unless I remove the battery cover. Once It boots or charges I can then put it back on and it works normally. That said this phone is a piece of shit.

  37. Mikeless

    Seems like most of the people have Cingular or T-Mobile let me tell you u wont have any problems with Verizon they gave me free phone for the whole family Always free phones when u start a new contract. But i was woundering if any one knows how to put ringtons on Razr v3 ? because I dont wanna buy em from the phone

  38. susan

    Razors suck and so does Verizon Wireless. Got 2 razors in August 06 and BOTH have quit working in April 2007. Took to Verizon and both have a “red dot” on the back and Verizon says they were exposed to moisture and thus warranty avoide. SCAM! No doubt all of them have a red dot on the back. Why would both go bad the exact same month!!! Different users and they have the exact same problem the exact same month. I spend hundreds of dollars at Verizon and their attitude is HORRIBLE. No switch of these faulty phones. Now one does not even show call history. These phones are crap, set up to fail and a gimmick to avoid warranty. NEVER EVER BY A MOTOROLA phone and NEVER USE VERIZON WIRELESS. Just a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Mikeless

    Well you’re a dumb ass than dont ever Go to a Mall and try to get something from there thats not real Verizon Go to their original store not a booth outside and U probly found some scammers thats why u didnt get anything dont be whining about someting that u droped in the water and pretend u didnt u people always try to complain. Verizon Replaced my friends Chocolate because there was a dead pixes after 3 months for free. get a life talking crap about the best Phone Provider let me tell you something go and switch to METRO u dumb ass

  40. lala

    u r very stupid who do u think u r to be yellling at everyone. we alll dont think the sam and i like t-mobile have a razr and they have repalced my fon 5 imes and i still like it. verizon is too sucky and retated

  41. David


    Please refrain from cursing and making racial slurs on the forum. It does nothing but further aggravate the situation and turns the entire reason for posting here into a joke.
    This is supposed to be a legitimate forum with the sole purpose of sharing information with one another to help each of us work out our cell phone woes.
    It’s very easy to “spout off” on the forum being a nameless faceless person as you are here. Be an adult and conduct yourself as such. Everyone else should do the same before the forum is shut down or you loose your posting ability.

    Try to get along and have a nice day!


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