Monday Riffs

Did some good work yesterday. Got some nice ideas in the mental Crock Pot and really having a good time with my interns. I don’t like calling them interns because that seems a bit condescending. They were hired as interns but Sharon and Jeff are really kicking butt and I look forward to exploding revenue so I can compensate them for their time.

The campaign last week for the keywords class went well – got a nice size class and probably have a few more stragglers coming in but very pleased with our conversion rate so far. Trying to get a groove going and get the next course scheduled and prepped for the affiliates to promote as well.

Slept a lot yesterday once the air show was over. I just find screaming jets don’t make me excited at the wonders of aerospace engineering – it makes my scalp tight and my pulse quicken. And I think it is complete bullshit that they practice all day Friday and do  the same show on Saturday and Sunday. Like Marge said at the gym, we Americans don’t like to be reminded about high fuel costs. I intimated the Romans theory of bread and circuses: ‘the practice of Roman Emperors who gave unlimited free wheat to the poor and costly circus games as a means of pacifying the populace with food and entertainment.’ Though today it would be more likely High Fructose Corn Syrup and Cable. We all get to fiddle (with our remote control) as Rome burns.

I’m very apocalyptic lately, aren’t I? Maybe I need to dig up a copy of Gamma World on eBay to use as a guidebook. I remember Ty in middle school and I used to play that game. His mom was from Guam. I remember us in some class in middle school and one of the teachers describing how one of her friends was a runner and he shaved his armpits because he thought it felt cleaner and we all thought that was so gross. And then the teacher across the hall had a poster of Red Dawn in the class room. Or maybe Reds. I always used to get Red Dawn and The Killing Fields confused as a kid – though I’ve seen neither. I remember in middle school how the library was called the media center and we all thought that was a totally dumb idea. Or in 5th grade when I was playing with the Apple II and BASIC and figured out how to use the random number generator to make the Apple II beep. I wanted to have a software company called CompuFun when I was a kid. And Jesus I hated learning Logo. I thought that was such a stupid computer language. Who cares about the damned turtle? Thought Maria’s mom taught the course so I had to be respectful. I remember the book I used to learn BASIC. It was yellow, hardbound and in the kids section, I checked it out frequently. I also remember the book that got me excited about theatre – it was thin, hardbound and described the production of a haunted house play. I was entranced by the idea of the pulley system of the curtains. Or the book I checked out over and over again about making movies with a Super 8 camera. It talked about how to make a movie about a swarm of aliens or bugs and to use a Sharpie pen to draw the dots directly on the film.

I’m sort of hoping Ron wants to go downtown and have a Luau Salad at the Cheesecake Factory.

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  1. Hmmm, we used to call our school library the “Media Center” in the 70’s as well…but the biggest head-scratcher was the “Multi-Purpose Room”, which was just a really BIG room that didn’t seem to serve any purpose whatsoever…hehehe

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