monday, february 4

me: hello?

domme: lets talk

me: k

domme: lets meet

me: I’m taken right now

domme: by who

domme: gf

me: bf

domme: are you gay

me: sometimes

domme: no gay or not you can be bi

me: then I’m bi

domme: much better put that on profile

me: um

me: k

me: 🙂

me: what aobut you?

domme: bi married

me: cool

domme: he fucks your ass real good i love fucking mens asses

domme: how big is he dom
BUZZ!!! Buzzing is an option in Yahoo! Messenger


me: 🙂

domme: im a woman basterd

me: 🙂


me: LOL

domme: and dominate

me: I’ve got a friend that would love to meet you

me: we can’t find him a domme

domme: no he must be ugly and gay

me: ?

me: no he’s straight and punk looking

me: or do you mean you dominate gay men?

domme: no punk i want good looking men and women slaves

me: o i c

domme: he must be ugly

me: alright

me: he’s ugly agreeing with her just to keep things going

domme: i knew it and im not

me: oh well

domme: take your ass to boys town

me: you’re so argumentative it makes me laugh

domme: you are so dumb its (vomit emoticon)

me: why am I so dumb?

domme: rude also faget

me: why am I rude

me: ?

me: well I hope you find some smart non-nauseating bottom’s to dominate tonight – sorry I couldn’t help you

domme: fuck off

me: okay

a few minutes pass…

domme: fuck off

a few more minutes pass…

me: okay

Published by Andy

Gay Hoosier Taurus INFJ ex-playwright pianist gymbunny published author in San Francisco.