This is a favorite all over the place but I’m sure some folks haven’t seen it. I hadn’t thought to look for it on YouTube but Ron had me cackling when in the middle of So You Think You Can Dance he turns to me and yells:

Why can’t you give me!? The reSPECT!? That I’m!? Entitled to!?

ABBA vs Joan Crawford 

As John Waters said, “Mommie Dearest is the first comedy about child abuse.”

This movie was on HBO the fabled Summer That The Wibbels Had Cable. That was when my sister and I watched Poltergeist and Annie non-stop.

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One reply on “Mommie Dearest and ABBA’s Mamma Mia Remix

  1. That was the same summer that our family got cable, too. I remember never being able to watch the scene in POLTERGEIST where the guy tore his face off, but I ate the rest of the movie up, watching it every time it was on I think,
    POPEYE was also played in between showings of the other two movies, as I recall.

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