Media Sat on Katrina Tape for 6 Months

Be mortified as Bush doesn’t ask a single damned question while every expert they can find tells him that the levees will most likely fail and there will be mass destruction and loss of life.

But also be mortified that the media secured the video tapes a few days after and then sat on the story for six months.

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One reply on “Media Sat on Katrina Tape for 6 Months

  1. I’ve been mortified ever since the 2000 Presidential elections. As well as completely demoralized. What kills me is the democrats probably won’t do a thing with this news. What is the matter with them? Nearly everything out of Bush’s mouth is a lie. And he just gets away with everything because no one ever calls him out. I wonder if this news will just get swept under the rug in a couple of weeks like everything else seems to. I just don’t get it…And it makes me sad.

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