I really like the music and beats behind the Britney/Madonna song ‘Me Against the Music’. I just hate that they are both in the song.

And Madonna’s supposed ‘challenge’ singing to Britney sounds thinner vocally than any of her strained pop opera in Evita. Same reason I love the beat behind ‘Slave 4 U’ but can’t stand that Britney is a part of it.

Also, the phrase ‘Me Against the Music’ reminds me of ‘The Music and Mirror’ from A Chorus Line, that interminable dance break. You know – the one with that booty-music bow-chicka-wah-wah interlude. Ick.

Have I complained about this before? I don’t know. I just loathe how the song purports to ‘lose control’ when neither ‘singer’ has any clue how to support their vocals to really go balls out nuts.

And yes. Complete blog silence in the midst of several debates and events and I take time to gritch about an old Britney/Madonna song.

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  1. Sweetie, really they are cut from the same cloth, and that cloth is a second hand garment.

    If you want some good beats and some talent check out Debbie Harry’s new single Two Times Blue. She’s got a new cd coming out August 7th as well.

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