Maryland Lawmakers Ignore Scrotums Dangling from Trucks

I have yet to see one of these: a pair of plastic balls dangling from the back of a truck. I mean how much more obvious can it get? Why not just fashion the front of a Titan into a large glans?

House lawmakers have effectively killed a bill to outlaw fake bull testicles and other anatomically explicit vehicle decorations that truckers dangle from the trailer hitches of their pickups. The House Rules Committee declined to act on the truck bill at a meeting last week. “It simply didn’t come up for a vote,” Chairman Hattie N. Harrison, D-Baltimore, said.


By the way, if any of my cousins are still reading this blog – this is my usual fare – hope it doesn’t throw ya off – but you probably think I’m just like Uncle Dan. :p

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3 replies on “Maryland Lawmakers Ignore Scrotums Dangling from Trucks

  1. sadly you’ll see them frequently in texas. i think they are obscene, right-wing propaganda and should be outlawed, STAT.

  2. I actually have seen quite a few of these here in Florida. Around here they are called bumper-nuts. First time I saw one I about died laughing. BTW…. Why the hell would having bumper-nuts make someone a right-wing propagandist? I’m strangely comfused by that one….

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