Margaret and George

Margaret Atwood (whose Handmaid’s Tale threw me down when I read it) reflects on reading Animal Farm when she was nine:

To say that I was horrified by this book is an understatement. The fate of the farm animals was so grim, the pigs so mean and mendacious and treacherous, the sheep so stupid. Children have a keen sense of injustice, and this was the thing that upset me the most: the pigs were so unjust.

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One thought on “Margaret and George

  1. razorhead

    It was the fate of Boxer the horse that really upset me when I read it.

    If Handmaid is the only book by Atwood you’ve read, I highly recomend one of her latest, The Blind Assasin. Completely different style, and – of all things – a love story. Definitely not as jarring or horrifying as Handmaid, but wonderful in its own right.

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