Log Cabin Republicans Grow Some Balls

[The] Log Cabin Republicans, the largest group for gay men and lesbians in the party, voted overwhelming last night against endorsing President Bush for re-election because of his support for a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. (via DailyKos)

Dick Cheney reportedly said, “I’ll get you my pretties. You and your little dog, too.”

I can understand not being ‘for Kerry’ as a Republican but to sit still while your entire party’s platform includes language that limits your living – that’s just nuts. Any gay Republicans out there that can shed insight?

5 thoughts on “Log Cabin Republicans Grow Some Balls

  1. Brent!

    The only rather ‘hard core’ Repulican fellow homo I met, about ten years ago, was a member of the Log Cabin Republicans. Talk about being in a minority’s minority group.

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