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Very excited. I figured out how to use the cheap wireless access here at the coffeeshop – only 7 bucks for a month of access – I can tell you right now I’ll be camped out here until my DSL turns back on. It is fun to watch people go by.

Sat and talked with Bernard. He’s an older guy – I figure in his 70s or so – grew up in Europe – lived through the wars. So fantastic to talk with someone from a different era. I’ve written about it before and it’s still important: elders are immensely useful – for everyone. To see this vibrant, intelligent, older man still full of life and vitality and surviving the history he has is important to me. Like when Ray was talking today about doing volunteer work at a home for teenage boys and that they had remarked that they don’t know anyone like him – successful and professional. They don’t come into contact with ‘living examples’ of sucess. That reminds me that sometimes – just being present around others can be an inspiration.

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  1. I agree with your comments about the wisdom of our elders. All my favorite massage clients are seniors. They have great stories, and love to talk to someone who listens. I have learned more about politics and history in the past century from working on 65-80 year olds then I ever dreamed. Some of them even worked in DC or with the government. THere is such wisdom that you never know until you talk to someone 40 or 50 years your senior. It’s a true treasure to be able to interact with people with experiences so different from what we see each day!

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