Laura Bush to Do Gang Outreach

Old Co-worker: This is fabulous – north korea has nuclear weapons

Andy: oh shit on us

Old Co-worker: and we are concerned about a country that can’t even generate power for its citizens

Andy: exactly – we are so screwed – did I tell you I finally got around to reading 1984 last week. OMG – it was awesome. Brave New World is next!

Old Co-worker: oh you’ll love brave new world – infinitely better than 1984

Andy: ooo ooo – and I might re-read Handmaid’s tale for a trifecta

Old Co-worker: ha! You are making good use of your time off…

Andy: YEAh – Laura Bush is going to do Gang Outreach – give me a fucking break.

Old Co-worker: whoo hoo – but, she’s so, you know, in touch – with the issues and stuff

Andy: I hope they all have KILL WHITEY tattoed on their foreheads.

Old Co-worker: At least she has experience with people with drug problems – snark

Andy: YES! maybe she Lynne Cheney should do muff-diving outreach for ex-lesbians since she wrote that porn novel years ago. I just made myself laugh.

Old Co-worker: oh well, look at it this way: we’re more than half-way through! what could POSSIBLY happen in the next four years? How bad could it get? How evil could he be? Rove promoted to deputy chief of staff – why doesn’t he just create a cabinet post and call it secretary for rasputin affairs?

5 thoughts on “Laura Bush to Do Gang Outreach

  1. Terrance Heath

    Actually, it was Lynne Cheney that wrote the lesbian book. (Some things run in the family, apparently.) Laura, however, was a librarian, so she might have read it…

  2. sam

    I was gonna say that. Anyway, I guess she’s just grown tired of reading books to the young negro children. We’ll see how many razor blades she can hide under her tongue by 2008.

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