Last One Standing TV Show on Discovery Channel

Anybody else get a bit grossed out about this show? Members of Western ‘modern’ civilization go out into the bush and learn the warrior ways from Those Who Are Not Us.

The idea is to have three American and three British athletes, all from different sports, compete over eight episodes in different kinds of ancient tribal challenges. The one who wins the most wins the title of “Last One Standing.”

At least the last one until the second season begins.

Oh those crazy Magical Brown People!

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2 replies on “Last One Standing TV Show on Discovery Channel

  1. I don’t know about “…grossed out.”

    I think it’s a cool concept. And, as someone who is 1/2 Senegalese and has been to Brazil…(two locations the show will visit this season…) I’m looking forward to seeing what they get into and the various cultural exchanges ALL sides should benefit from…

  2. I love this show and I’m
    sad that I only discovered it 1/2 way through.
    A great combination of our athletes versus some amazing athletes from the back of beyond, establishing their sport with what they have available and without our traditional very expensive equipment.
    I would love to find the entire season on DVD.

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