L Word Screensaver Costs Ohio Cop Her Job

Ohio cop has a screensaver from The L Word, a lesbian television show on cable, on her computer at work. Some kids see it. She loses her job:

“You know, it’s not San Francisco. People have a different reaction and I realize that there’s a difference between somebody being gay and somebody being a pedophile.”

And yet you still confuse the two.

The Preble County sheriff’s office is investigating and has impounded Smith’s computer. “We’re just looking to see if there is anything illegal on the computer,” said Chief Deputy Terry Snowden, of Preble County Sheriff’s Department.

Because if she watches a TV show with lesbians in it she is automatically a pedophile. Again, with the confusing.

“It’s tough to turn something like that around,” said Richard Bricker, superintendent. “I think that for her sake … maybe there’s a better fit somewhere else.”

I’d rather keep my own xenophobia comfortable than actually face the frigging problem.

As much as schools try to make children good adults, few want to expose them to adult issues, Hawgood reported.

And that is virtually impossible.

News 5 tried to contact Smith, but she did not want to comment. But there are many people in the community who think the pictures are far from shocking.

And yet they are not quoted in this article.

Imagine if the screensaver was two faux lesbians – 2 hot WWF chicks in a suggestive embrace – and the cop was a man.

They wouldn’t say a goddamn thing.

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