Jiggle That Fat

Since I don’t listen to the radio anymore – I really manage to not get involved in pop music anymore. But I grabbed a copy of Missy Elliot’s new single ‘Pass That Dutch.’ I always love her songs – she’s always got a great edge to her music and a clever use of samples and lyrics. I have no clue what ‘pass that dutch’ refers to but I love the bass line in this song. It awakens my booty. And you have to love a song that says

Pop that, pop that, jiggle that fat (ahh!)
Don’t stop, get it till ya clothes get wet

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One reply on “Jiggle That Fat

  1. I have to agree, the song kicks ass. I actually haven’t ever heard anything from Missy that I don’t like…!

    Pass the Dutch has got to implicate an exchange of herbals during joint consumption… After which the 5 seconds break in the song is a minimum requirement when attempting to keep up with the pace of this kind of rhythm on the dancefloor 😉

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