Screenshot of JFK, Jackie, Gov Connally and his wife turning as they hear a gunshot.

In the too-tasteless for words department, a new video game or interactive computer simulation that puts you in the rifle role as everybody’s favorite patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald.

The demo is pretty pointless. But if you buy the full version ($9.99) you can enter a competition to when a cash prize if you can match the timing of Oswald’s shots according to the Warren Commission.

Tasteless – but any worse than shooting ‘virtual gooks’ in a Vietnam simulation?

Of course I have the opening number of Assassins in my head. Everybody’s got the right to be happy, eh?

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58 replies on “JFK Reloaded

  1. The majority of the people who leave comments about this game have absolutely NO idea what the game itself is about. How many of you have actually gone out and done the research about the game? how many of you have actually PLAYED the game in question?

    As a third year Game computing student at university I’m analyzing this game and other games related to real life situations as part of my dissertation.

    Those of you who say this game is done in bad taste, do you believe the conspiracy theories about another gunman on the grassy knoll?

    The main purpose, principle and idea behind this game is NOT to simply “kill the president”. The idea behind the game is to essentially use the world wide gaming community as an online forensics team.

    Traffic games, the company responsible for the creation of the game, spent many months painstakingly researching and programming every aspect of the assassination. From the reactions of the crowd and bodyguards when the shot was first fired, right down to the wind conditions at the time. This game contains one of the most realistic ballistics engines every programmed. And the reason for all this work? To either prove or disprove the Warren Commissions reports that there was a single gunman firing three bullets that day.

    The purpose of the competition was not simply to “match the timing” but to try and prove if it was indeed possible for Lee Harvey Oswald to have fired all three shots on that fateful day.

    The game is in fact done in amazingly good taste. It does not encourage you to be anti government or to hate the president, and provides a very detailed bullet by bullet analysis of the shots you fire.

    In playing this game, I’ve learnt more about what happened that day than any school teacher of TV program could ever teach.

    Stop being so closed minded people. you are the reason the world is as it is today.

  2. Is the JFK ‘reloaded’ a reference to the Matrix? I so can i assume that you can unloack a part of this game (perhaps through a series of successful headshots) that enable the JFK himself to ‘bullet time ™’ and dodge the oncoming bullets?

    A sad side effect of this may be that his faithful wife or a secret service agent takes a round in the neck or chest, but surely that’s a small price to pay to see the cowboy president wiggle his way out of another tight spot.

  3. No its not a matrix reloaded thing…
    it is a game.
    search on google – JFK RELOADED
    you should find it

  4. Hey Sum_Dude, thanks clearing that up for me. I was literally drowing in a sea of uncertainty, gulping down mouthfulls of salty confusion when you threw me a life preserver like the good samaritan you are.

    If only there were more people in the world like you.

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