I get to fly to D.C. tomorry to meet the president of this new company tomorrow. It’s no big deal – I’ve known the guy for over 2 years so I’m not really nervous. Evidently the home office for the company is just that – the office in his home. I am still so very excited to have a job. I haven’t signed anything yet so I remain slightly cautious – but I’m very happy at the prospect.

Just ate a double tuna salad – I had one salad and tuna and then decided to have another… I found that if you put a little salad dressing on tuna that helps cut the taste (I drain it too with a tuna press – that was my latest kitchen purchase along with a vegetable steamer) and then toss in some seasoned almonds and spinach. Yum yum. I made way too much oatmeal this morning so I feel sort of waterlogged. Took a nap. Lifted and cardio-ed this morn.

Ron is still on his way back from San Fran. He’s been trying to get on a stand-by flight for a day now. Nutcase.

Already planning my debt restructuring once I’m full time. Be so good to get my financial house in order, then get a condo deposti going and then – and then – start saving up dough to produce theatre again.

Just found out a coach was already doing one of my big teleclass ideas – it is funny how possessive I get over my ideas. Of course I had an adrenaline rush and finished the teleclass – it’s almost ready for pilot.

Very excited to report Matt is almost moved back to Chicago. I need him in my life. He’s one of those people you know that no matter what you’ll always be in contact with. We still have plans for global domination.

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