20 replies on “Jesse Metcalfe is Old

  1. he’s pretty hot for a 28 years old….
    i mean he is so hottt…
    love him!!!
    love the movie too….

  2. to be honest i neva thought bout ur age atall untili came on da internet n saw it say 18 , was pretty shocked but looked down on da internet n says 28 so i ought dats kl xx

  3. he is a sexy fine thing i love him he is not that old who ever says that is a supid person i love him hes the best ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love him!!!!!!

    p.s im the biggest fan!

  4. All you idiots who write about him might want to use proper spelling & grammer. The way you write is lame & makes you look like a moron which i’m sure you are if you think you’re writing like that is cool. Get a life losers.

  5. jesse is fineeeeeeee hu eva says he is old is a muppit he is da fittest fing goin n he is all myn lol i love him lol he culd propose 2 me n e day n i wuld say yes!! he needs 2 b in more films tho so i can woch him all da time lol im so sad but he is soooooo fit 🙂 XxXxX

  6. Michaela y duz yu tipe lyke yu is r3tarded or sumfink? yu dunt nose wut puncuation is eeeither omg i fink yu lyk must b fik or sumfin lol did yu eva goes 2 skool or did yors mom and dad spend all da munny on a new caravan insted of sendin yu to a skool? duz yu nose how hard it is 2 reed the fukin shit dat you leevs on da forums? its fukin hel i can tel u

    if yu is da famus naturist michaela strachan how is yu? i met yu on da radio1 rodeshow wiv de bruno brooks and dat was wel wicked.

    omg lol lmao rotfl idst wltm gsh ffsr ew pas abs 11 months mot

  7. HE is soo hott//he’s on fire but he is onle he’s 2 years older than channing tatum and hee is so not uglee/// channing, Jesse, and the dud in green street hooligans they are so on fire all of them

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